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Furniture Fast Facts:

CD / Cassette Players & Headphones

There are a wide variety of educational resources available that are formatted on CD and Cassette tapes. When using the correct CD / cassette players and headphones, these compact resources are great for sharing information between classrooms or for individual use. Here are a few tips to insure these educational tools are heard by all ears:

Number of Listeners: Each of the CD and/or Cassette player will have the number of watts advertised. The more watts that a unit has the more people can hear the audio being played. This is especially important in educational environments where background noise is a factor.

Media Type: More classrooms are using MP3 formatted audio in addition to traditional cassettes and CD's. Make sure the media player supports the format of your audio and instructional material by checking the features page of the player you are purchasing. Selections range from a magnetic card reader to an MP3 capable player.

Listening Centers: Group listening allows for multiple people to here the same content by plugging in to the same audio source. Listening centers are an important tool to deliver instructional content via a source player and a distribution jackbox along with headphones. Language labs or ESL classrooms can initiate their learning without affection the rest of the classroom activities.

Headphones: With every CD, cassette or MP3 player you need to consider which type oh headphones are right for your application. Some are monaural and work fine for instructional or voice only audio, others are stereo and carry both right and left channel audio to the user. To make use of both types we offer a switchable headphone that allows changing between monaural and stereo with the flip of a switch. Headphones often come with adapters to fit the small computer plug-ins and the larger listening center output jack.

Durability: Schools and institutions require heavy-duty classroom equipment built to withstand the daily use of children. That is why we carry the Califone brand of audio equipment which is built on years of experience in the education market. If there is ever a problem with the unit Califone will assist in getting it repaired or replaced.

If you still need assistance in choosing the right media player for your organization, please give us a call at 800-599-6636 and a customer service representative will be glad to help.