Graphic Surface Dry Erase Boards

Graphic Surface Dry Erase Boards

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  • Mobile Magnetic Double-Sided Ghost Grid Whiteboards
    As low as $190.95
  • Magnetic Wall-Mounted Whiteboard for Music (72'' x 48'')
  • Reversible Mobile Magnetic Music Whiteboard (4' x 6')
  • Magnetic Ghost Grid Whiteboard (48'' x 36'')
  • Graphic Dry Erase Boards with Music Lines
    As low as $625.95

Graphic Dry Erase Boards and Lined Dry Erase Boards

Having a whiteboard on hand is incredibly helpful for schools, businesses, and nearly any other organization. It gives you an efficient way to organize your thoughts that you can reuse over and over again. While regular boards are convenient, those with lines or other graphics can be even more useful.

Stay Organized as You Write

Choosing graphic surface dry erase boards makes it much easier to keep your writing organized and legible. At the most basic level, you won’t have to worry about accidentally writing on a diagonal line instead of a straight horizontal one if you opt for dry erase lined boards. If you choose a board with grids instead of just lines, you will also find it much easier to write everything in a clean column.

Both of those functions mean that using dry erase boards with lines lets you make the most of the space. After all, when your writing is organized, it should take up less space.

Great for Music

Dry erase lined boards are especially helpful for music-related uses. Whether you are teaching a music lesson, composing a song, or sharing music with others, a music dry erase board will streamline the process. After all, you won’t have to waste time trying to draw five straight lines to form clefs. Depending on the board, you may not even have to write the clef symbols.

Various Styles of Boards

Our graphic surface dry erase boards also come in various styles. Some are mobile and sit on stands with rollers. Others are designed to attach right to the wall. Many of our dry erase boards with lines are also reversible. That feature reduces the frequency with which you need to erase the board and lets you easily leave information on display for later.

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