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Back to School Furniture Guide 2023

As we eagerly anticipate the start of the 2023-2024 school year, let's ensure that your school and classrooms are ready to ignite a passion for learning! At Worthington Direct, we understand the importance of creating an optimal environment that nurtures growth and sparks imagination. That's why we're here to provide you with an extensive range of specialized school furniture and classroom equipment.

Whether you're setting up a makerspace, a music room, a science lab, an art studio, or an active learning area, our selection boasts top-quality furniture from renowned brands. From early education to advanced science labs, we have it all covered at Worthington Direct.

We believe that the right furniture can make a world of difference in creating an inspiring and engaging space for both students and educators. It sets the stage for limitless possibilities, encouraging collaboration, creativity, and exploration. 

Get ready to embark on an incredible educational journey this upcoming school year with Worthington Direct by your side. Together, we'll shape the future, one classroom at a time!

Classroom layout created with MooreCo collaborative desks, school chairs and a wobble stools. Classroom layout created with MooreCo collaborative desks, school chairs and a wobble stools.
Classroom design by MooreCo

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Now is the time to make sure you have all the furniture you need for the 2023-2024 school year. The team at Worthington Direct is ready to assist you in your next purchase. Contact us with product questions or to receive a volume quote prior to placing your purchase order

The Worthington Direct staff is easy to reach during business hours via chat, email or by phone. If you are burning the midnight oil hunting for school furniture, please use the contact form and someone will be back in touch the next business day.



Collaborative Classroom Furniture

Give your students the perfect space to engage, discuss, and create with versatile collaborative desks. These desks offer endless possibilities, allowing you to arrange them in various shapes to cater to individual learning, small group discussions, or exciting brainstorming sessions.

Discover the convenience of student desk and chair packages, providing an effortless solution for outfitting an entire classroom or multiple classrooms simultaneously. Alternatively, explore the height-adjustable options of MooreCo collaborative desks, which can be easily rearranged for different lessons with the addition of casters or glides.

For group activities, consider the exceptional classroom tables offered by Virco and Paragon. Now, all that's left is to choose the ideal chairs to complement your collaborative setup.

Embrace the power of collaboration and watch as your students thrive in an environment designed to foster teamwork, critical thinking, and creativity. Together, let's create a classroom where knowledge blossoms and every voice is heard.

Science lab by MooreCo

Science Lab Furniture

Creating a secure and practical setting where students can engage in hands-on experiments and enhance their scientific comprehension is imperative for effective learning. Science lab furniture is an essential component of any well-equipped laboratory, providing functionality, safety, and organization for scientific experiments and research activities. Choose from our selection of safety stations, lab tables, storage systems, and more.

Our workstations are available in various sizes, shapes, and designs, ensuring versatility and durability, including surfaces that are resistant to chemicals. Choose units with or without sinks and between ones with drawers and cabinets or empty space underneath in the form of basic lab tables. Of course, you will need seating for the workstations, and steel frame stools are the ideal choice.

Makerspace lab and workstations by CEF available from Worthington DirectMakerspace lab and workstations by CEF available from Worthington Direct
Makerspace lab by CEF

Makerspace Furniture

Makerspaces have become indispensable in K-12 schools, serving as vibrant hubs for hands-on learning, fostering creativity, and nurturing crucial skills. Many schools are recognizing the value of incorporating dedicated makerspaces on their campuses, where students can explore vital technical and trade skills that will prepare them for jobs in the workforce.

To equip these dedicated spaces, specialized furniture like Haskell's Rover Mobile Makerspace Tables and Diversified Spaces Fab Lab Workbenches play a vital role. Shop tables like these provide sturdy workstations where students can develop and apply real-world skills, honing their craftsmanship and problem-solving abilities. For schools with the capacity, a dedicated fab lab offers a comprehensive environment for innovation and collaboration. 

However, for schools facing space limitations, smaller practical solutions are available too! CEF's Creation Cube offers a compact yet versatile option for schools seeking to establish a makerspace within confined areas.  

The rise in popularity of school robotics clubs and engineering teams has also inspired libraries and science labs to create areas for students to meet and collaborate. These spaces ignite the DIY spirit in students, encouraging them to unleash their creativity, think critically, and tackle real-world challenges. Whether a wood shop or another type of makerspace, you’ll need reliable storage for supplies and projects.

Embracing makerspaces and investing in specialized furniture, empowers students to become innovative thinkers and problem solvers, preparing them for success in an ever-evolving world. Let's inspire the next generation of makers!

Computer and E-Sports Lab Furniture

Computer labs are now sprinkled throughout the school, with stations in multiple classrooms, and we have the furniture to equip these computer stations. computer lab furniture is often designed to facilitate collaboration and group work.

Computer lab furniture includes features such as shared workstations, multimedia tables, and flexible seating arrangements, enabling students to work together on projects and share ideas effectively. This collaborative setup promotes teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills among students.

With sleek and stylish designs, advanced features such as height adjustability, cable management systems, and comfortable seating options, our furniture ensures optimal performance and long-lasting comfort.

Computer learning lab by Correll available from Worthington DirectComputer learning lab by Correll available from Worthington Direct
Computer learning lab by Correll

A popular option for library media centers or even classrooms with limited space, are multimedia furniture sets from Marco with a group table and chairs to share a screen. This is great for in-person learning or even for telecomm learning across the globe.

The main difference between this and a standard activity table is that these have options for built-in charging outlets on the table top for access by the entire working group. 

Media Center Group Learning Tables and Chairs by MarcoMedia Center Group Learning Tables and Chairs by Marco
Media Center by Marco

Flex Tutorial Room Furniture

Some of the hardest spaces to plan for are those that will be flexible and have various uses, but we have plenty of great choices for those as well. For example, consider Mooreco dry erase creator tables with chairs, making it easy to teach or brainstorm.

Or combine mobile whiteboards with a range of seating options. From traditional chairs to soft surfaces of all shapes and sizes, students will get to learn in comfort.

Lunch Room Cafeteria by AmTab available from Worthington DirectLunch Room Cafeteria by AmTab available from Worthington Direct
Lunch Room Cafeteria by AmTab

Cafeteria and Breakroom Furniture

When it comes to furnishing your school, let Worthington Direct inspire you to think beyond the classrooms and consider the vital spaces that sometimes go unnoticed—the teacher break rooms and the cafeteria! These areas are not just places to grab a quick bite; they are sanctuaries where educators and students can refuel and relax between lessons.

We understand the significance of these spaces, and offer an extensive range of tables specifically tailored for the lunchroom. Our collection encompasses both traditional cafeteria options and sophisticated setups that rival restaurants or modern breakrooms. And if your school boasts an inviting outdoor seating oasis, look no further than UltraPlay or MyTCoat's line of picnic tables to provide the perfect solution for alfresco dining.

The cafeteria has evolved into a bustling hub, surpassing its culinary purpose. Throughout the school year, it also embraces school clubs, welcomes the PTA, acts as a haven for after-school care, and hosts school dances and various academic activities. To accommodate these diverse functions, we recommend opting for mobile bench tables that effortlessly store away when needed.

But remember, cafeteria tables are more than just functional furniture; they are opportunities to ignite school spirit and foster camaraderie among students and staff. Amtab offers the option to customize lunchroom seating with your school colors, proudly display the spirited mascot, or inscribe lunch tables with the school motto, infusing the space with a sense of pride and unity.

Worthington Direct also understands the importance of creating a sanctuary for educators. Vendors like Olio Designs and KFI have top-quality breakroom tables and cafe sets for teachers' lounges making it easy to design spaces where teachers can recharge, connect with colleagues, and find solace during their well-deserved breaks.

So, as you prepare to welcome students and teachers back for the upcoming school year, let us inspire you to cultivate an environment that exudes warmth and hospitality. And where better to begin this transformative journey than the heart of your institution—the school cafeteria? 

Classroom furniture by VircoClassroom furniture by Virco
Early Childhood Classroom by Paragon

Early Education Furniture

In early education classrooms, it's crucial to address the unique needs of young learners. At Worthington Direct, we understand this which is why we offer a range of vendors specializing in furniture specifically designed for this stage of early learning. Enhance your classroom with flexible activity tables and ergonomic chairs in bright, vibrant colors, such as the Paragon's Emoji Chair. Discover an extensive selection of cubbies from trusted brands like Jonti-Craft or Whitney Brothers, perfect for organizing toys and personal belongings.

To keep your students engaged, don't forget to choose the perfect classroom rug. Joy Carpets and Carpets for Kids are experts in creating rugs that not only serve as teaching tools with fun shapes, colors, and numbers but also provide a cozy gathering place for morning meetings.

For more active times, consider child-sized activity tables that facilitate hands-on learning experiences. And for a comfortable reading and working area, opt for low, flexible floor furniture that ensures both safety and comfort.

We understand that young learners strive for independence, which is why Worthington Direct is here to assist you in finding the right furniture for your pre-K classroom. Let us help you create an environment that supports and nurtures their development.

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