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21st Century Desks for 21st Century Learning

June 18, 2018

21st Century Desks for 21st Century Learning

While we know it is not uncommon to hang on to traditional open front student desks due to budgetary constraints. There will come a time where dilapidated desks and evolving curriculum will create learning friction. As well as the law of diminishing return which are not conducive for the student learning environment.  A modern classroom desk contributes to critical student development which includes skills such as peer communication, teamwork, and adaptability that will be invaluable to students in their future careers. When shopping for a modern student desk, here are three elements to help guide you in your search: Modularity It's no secret that modularity is a common theme in today's 21st century classroom furniture.

Student desks that can be reconfigured and easily moved are important for tentative lesson schedules that often change at the last-minute.

In addition, this modularity helps accommodate changing preferences (i.e. some teachers would like the classic individual desk row configuration while others want them grouped together).  The Method Polygon Table by Scholar Craft offers ample student work space with a modular footprint to help students get work done more efficiently. Method Polygon Table by Scholar Craft Focused Learning We understand that some private charter schools and learning and tutoring centers utilize a more close-knit, focused teaching approach to ensure their students efficiently grasp learning material.  Often, the student-to-teacher ratio is 3-1 and usually involves either the teacher/tutor simultaneously working with each student on an independent subject. Or all three students working on the same material.  This calls for desks that offer ample space for classwork while being ergonomic to ensure the small group has a fluid interaction.  The Interchange Cookie Table by Smith System by Smith System not only provides an excellent small group learning session, but these tables can be grouped together for larger group assignments. Interchanger Cookie Table by Smith System   Enhanced Classic Design Whether the reason is tradition or budget-related, the tried and trusted open front student desk design is still widely available but with a few enhancements.  Some include a larger desk space to accommodate multiple books, laptops, tablets, and arts and crafts materials.  Other enhancements such as integrating the book box into the frame for a more stable foundation while yielding more space for books, pencils, pens, and snacks helps students stay organized and productive.  The Apple Elemental Rectangle Top Open Front Desk by Smith System adds innovation to a timeless design at an affordable price. Apple Elemental Rectangle Top Open Front Desk by Smith System The 21st century has provided us no shortage of technological and engineering innovations that has impacted our entire society.  Fortunately, this means the next generation of students will have a more productive and enhanced learning experience.  To help make this happen, we ask you to check out our comprehensive line of Collaborative Desks and Open Front Student Desks and contact us if you need helping choosing the best desks for your learning environment!
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