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3 Reasons Why Special Education Classes Need Alternative School Furniture

Special education programs are becoming more common in both public and private schools. In 2015 alone, over 6.5 million students received some type of special education help. Even more so, over 10% of all public school kids receive special education help. Special education is an umbrella term that covers a wide range of learning matters from special needs to learning disabilities, speech impediments to temperate control, audio-visual impairments to physical handicaps, and more. While alternative classroom layouts and furniture can be extremely useful in mainstream classrooms due to the rise of visual learners in the classroom, alternative classroom layouts and furniture can be even more beneficial to students in special education programs. Below are three reasons why special education classes need alternative school furniture. #1 Less School-like According to a Why Science survey, 98% of students are bored during school. The typical classroom layout of students in rows staring at a whiteboard can make any student yawn just thinking about it. This can be even tougher for special education students who may find the learning experience to be a difficult experience.  Student with learning disabilities may “shut down” the moment they see this typical classroom. However, a classroom with an alternative layout or furniture (such as active seating) has a fun, "cool", and welcoming atmosphere. Blossom Soft Seating Modular Sets by Balt #2 Good for Education Tools Each year, more tools are created to assist students' learning experience. One such tool is the fidget spinner. However, not all education tools are small like the fidget spinner. Some look bulky and out-of-place in a traditional classroom set up.  Alternative classroom elements such as Soft Seating and Collaborative Desks can incorporate these tools while maintaining an aesthetic elegance. Mix & Match Tables by Virco #3 A Safe Space While products like the buddy bench have made a significant impact in the lives of special education students, special education students are still not always treated properly by other students and even mainstream teachers. Many special education children who are bullied feel they do not have an academic sanctuary. A special education classroom that has alternative furniture can help the student feel like there is a place in school specifically for them. Smith System UL60CR Uxl Crescent Table Contact us as we are more than happy to help you pick out the solutions to help create a warm and relaxing learning environment!
October 11, 2017
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