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5 Fun Bulletin Board Ideas for September- National Hat Month

There is no denying that September is full of many holidays that lend themselves to fun bulletin board ideas. One of our favorites is National Hat Month. It’s a holiday that all kids can participate in and it may be used as a springboard to so many different lesson plans. Here are a few “hats off” ideas to get you started:

National Hat Month September Bulletin Board Ideas

1.) Books about Hats Why not create a bulletin board that focuses on one or several children’s books about hats? There are many hat books to choose from, including those that help teach the children about different topics. For example, author Louise Borden has written a book titled, Caps, Hats, Socks, and Mittens: A Book about the Four Seasons. It is geared towards Pre-k through 3rd Grade students and highlights the changing of the seasons. Other books that conjure great imagery for bulletin board ideas are Jon Klassen's two book series This is Not My Hat and I Want My Hat Back about animals and hats. Another child's classic is Caps for Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina, a tale about a cap peddler and his encounter with some cap loving monkeys.

Children's Hat Books

2.) Hat-O-Meter Chart Our next fun bulletin board idea was sparked by a Scholastic activity known as the 7 Hat Challenge: Master the Roles of the President. It involves exploring the many hats worn by people in positions of authority and uses a Hat-O-Meter to gauge the children’s understanding of the material at hand. Although the activity is geared towards Grades 3 through 8, it could be modified for the younger set. For instance, you could skip the many hats concept and just use the Hat-O-Meter as an awards chart to reward good behavior. The child with the highest hat rating at the end of the week could be given a special hat to wear throughout the day. 3.) Photos or Pictures of Hats Asking the children to wear their favorite hats to school and taking pictures of them for the bulletin board is another idea to consider. Depending on the age of the children, you could also opt to have them draw pictures of themselves wearing their favorite hats and write stories about them too. Both the drawings and short stories could be displayed on the bulletin boards as well. 4.) Groupings of Hats If your lesson plans involve focusing on colors, numbers, opposites or shapes, consider filling the bulletin board with groupings of hats.  For instance, you could create a series of cut-outs that feature small hats and tall hats. The images of the hats could be incorporated into memory games, bingo or other activities throughout the month to help further drive the concept home. Use hats as symbols within math equations. Solve for hat! Traffic Officer Hat   5.) Hats by Profession Lastly, you might want to decorate the bulletin board with hats that represent certain people and use it as a springboard to a lesson on community. The list of hat-wearing community members to consider includes law enforcement, firefighters, utility workers and healthcare professionals. Ask students to write a story about what "hat" they want to wear when they grow up. To find additional fun ideas and the bulletin boards to go along with them, please contact us. At Worthington Direct, we have bulletin boards, hat racks, classroom furniture and more available year round.
September 8, 2014
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