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Add Flexible Seating to your Student Desks and watch them achieve more!

Teachers work hard at creating an environment that is conducive to student learning. Flexible seating is becoming increasingly popular and for good reason. You may wonder, what do you mean different types of seating? In a classroom with flexible seating you will see kids laying on the floor, kids in beanbag chairs, kids on their knees at a table, kids in traditional desks and kids in standing desks. Having all of these options allow kids to wiggle, move and absorb the learning experience more naturally. Here is a more in depth look at why teachers and students and are loving flexible seating and their standing desks. One amazing benefit of having flexible seating is that kids tend to communicate more. They are more engaged so they ask more questions and discuss ideas with one another. Many kids learn through explaining what they know about a concept or teaching another student. It may seem against the grain but the truth is more conversation means more understanding and that is awesome.Configurable Soft Seating Confidence and independence thrive in students as they are more engaged, interested and actively thinking thanks to flexible classroom seating. Engaged bodies lead to engaged minds. If we want to create leaders of tomorrow then we want to give them an environment that fosters independence and confidence. Additional benefits of flexible classroom seating is that as students are more engaged and learning with their whole bodies, whole attention and whole mind there is more time for learning. Students are able and encouraged to wiggle and experience the lesson meaning that there are fewer interruptions and wasted time. Students may be able to learn material faster as they are more interested and active in the lesson.Flexible Classroom Layout Also flexible seating creates a more inclusive environment for all students. When everyone is allowed to fidget and experience whole body learning then all students are moving. No one benefits from active seating more than kids who often need to shuffle their feet, wiggle in their chair, tap their toes, etc. It creates an environment accessible to all children and all future leaders. Let's give them everything they need to succeed!Kids' Wobble Chair As our children grow, we want them to achieve confidence, independence, knowledge and whole body learning. Contact us to customize your classrooms so that all students can achieve.  
June 7, 2017
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June 15, 2017
April 28, 2017
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