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Adjustable Science Tables - New Product Spotlight

What comes up, must go down. Gravity. You may have learned that back in middle school science class, and perhaps now you've found yourself teaching gravity to your own classroom full of science students. We've had requests over the years for adjustable height science tables to demonstrate lessons in physics. Diversified Woodcrafts was first to the market, with their adjustable science table that could be used as an incline surface. What experiment can you do on an inclined surface? Check out this video for a quick lesson in mass vs. gravity. Many schools, and professional work spaces are being updated with standing height furniture. As I type now, I'm standing. My boss's current favorite quote is "Sitting is the new smoking." But it's nice to sit down too. Sometimes you wear the wrong shoes, your toddler threw your back out, it's just one of those days. That's why having a work surface that is easy to adjust is crucial. National Public Seating’s new adjustable height science tables feature round metal legs that have a 2-3/8” diameter and are offered in stylistic matching light oak woodgrain skin or striking textured black.

Adjustable Science Lab Table NPS

The legs adjust smoothly and easily in ¾” increments, from 29” to 41” in height. With these height dimensions, they can adapts for ADA requirements. The patented leg mechanism allows table to rise effortlessly and automatically lock at your height setting requirement. These tables can be set at an incline for Physics experiments.

Inclined science table by NPS

Diversified Woodcraft's new adjustable solid hardwood science tables represent the very best in American made, quality science tables. They are available with laminate, ChemGuard, Phenolic Resin, or Solid Epoxy tops, making them suitable for science labs ranging from elementary to professional level.

Adjustable Height Science Table by Diversified Woodcrafts

The aprons your choice of solid oak or maple. Legs can adjust from sitting height of 30" to standing height of 36" by removing the bolt on the leg surface. These tables are designed to adjust in height, but with the top remaining level. Utilizing one of these new adjustable height science tables can enhance your science curriculum by allowing you to adapt your furniture to meet your lesson demands. On lecture days, you can create an auditorium effect by lowering the front rows all the way down, and gradually increasing the height of the tables on the rows towards the rear of the classroom. This would require pneumatic adjustable seating so that all students have a comfortable distance from the tabletop and their seat. This is great of you use media in your classroom and will help those students in the back rows to see your demonstration clearly. On experiment days, adjust the lab tables to their standing height and stack your chairs somewhere out of the way. Science experiments often involve a lot of movement requiring students to make trips to various stations, supply cabinets and sinks. Keep your aisles as clear as possible. If your science lab is fortunate to have pneumatic adjustable stools, then you can leave them in place and just adjust them up to correspond with the standing table height. These adjustments can be done by middle school students and up, relieving valuable set-up time for the teacher. School science classroom lab You've lectured, you've experimented, now it's time to test. On test days, you may want to bring everyone down to the standard desk height of 29" to 30".  This will help the teacher keep an eye across the entire room as their students go for that A.  Of course there are plenty of great science lab tables available with fixed heights, and in non-traditional shapes like trapezoid or round. Buying lab furniture isn't something you do everyday, so make sure you work with school furniture experts like Worthington Direct to help you make that purchase count.
March 8, 2015
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