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Combination Desks vs. Chair and Desk

Should there really be a combination desk vs chair and desk debate about which configuration works the best in schools? Combo Chair Desks Perhaps it's already a clear choice for many educators. That's because there's very distinct differences between combination chair desks and using an ordinary chair and table. Much of that has to do with comfort, classroom time, and even the chance of noise prevention. No Worries About Matching Tables with Chairs In the days before combo desks, classrooms would have to spend extra time trying to match up the appropriate chair with the desk. This could take up far too much valuable time and create problems, especially when the chairs or tables had mismatched colors and nothing else was available.  With combination chair desks, you can find colors that are uniform as well as being a perfect blend with the attached desk. A Time Saver With school staff and teachers already stretched for time, who wants to have to wrangle individual chairs and desks when rearranging? Combo chair desks are easy to create neat rows with half the work. They can be uniformly placed within short distance of one another and still leave plenty of student breathing room without creating an obstacle course. Eliminate Chair Dragging Noise Remember the days when dragging chairs around on a school room floor created horrific noises? In an echoey classroom, this could be very annoying, especially during quiet times in class. Combination chair desks stay in place so you don't have to worry about students consistently scooting their chairs in and out from under a separate desk. Creates More Comfort for Students Students having physical comfort while learning is an imperative, and trying to write on a separate desk can sometimes require awkward positions. A tablet chair desk has the desk attached to the right side (or left for South Paws) so the student can easily rest his or her arm while writing. This creates less strain on the arm and wrist that could otherwise lead to gradual injury. Here at Worthington Direct, we have an extensive inventory of combination desks that are made with the highest quality materials. Don't forget that they can also be used far beyond the classroom in testing centers and conference training rooms. Contact us to see our extensive inventory as well as all other school equipment your school needs for the new school year.
September 12, 2013
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September 25, 2013
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