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Eliminate New Office Downtime with Office Suites

Whether you're a small business setting up your first office or an established company opening a temporary or satellite office, your top priority is to minimize employee downtime and maintain productivity during the transition.  Regardless if your stay is three months or three years, there will be more than enough time to choose custom furnishings that will define and represent your professional brand. In the meantime, a prepackaged office suite allows your team to hit the ground running with desks and workstations so you can continue to provide products and services to your clients. Four Person Workcenter Suite Moving In Staying on top of your business is more important than choosing furniture, decorating, and waiting for movers. Most businesses have an active online presence and generate revenue by providing specialized products and services and support to their customers. Even if you allocated several days to move into your office, getting those computers up and running are critical to business operations. While it may be inspiring and dramatic in the movies, the idea of doing business with laptops on boxes is unnecessary and impractical. Prepackaged office suites save you the hassle of having to carefully choose desks and chairs for every team member by offering office furnishing sets already selected for their efficiency and synergy. Two Person Workstation Suite Time to Personalize Once you're set up and back to full operational capacity, you're free to make the most of your new office space.  While your team is focusing on day to day operations, you have more time to decide what custom furniture would make your new office more efficient, comfortable, and elegant. Your office is the physical embodiment of your company and you want it to reflect well on your team. With the help of solid interior design, you might even remodel the space with more trendy color themes, carpet, and art decoration.  At that point, you may opt for new office furniture to fit your new office look. However, in the first few weeks after moving in, your team and customers will appreciate your practical and expedient acquisition of desks and office chairs for everyone. Electric Lift Tables by Ergotron Don't Forget the Extras While desks and chairs are critical for business operations, don't overlook other essentials. Free standing tables, shelves, and filing cabinets are great additions to your new office. Paperwork may be going digital, but modern business hasn't given up on the tried and true printed hard copy.  Remember to set up right so any necessary due diligence can be promptly completed without delay. Lateral File Cabinets by Tennsco Moving into an office is a big production but it doesn't have to be overly complicated.  Contact us today before or during your next office move; our prepackaged office suites will have your team back in full swing in no time.
July 24, 2017
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July 28, 2017
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