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Enable Preschool Learning with Colorful Rugs

When deciding what learning tools a preschool classroom should have, it's important to utilize age and size-appropriate items.  This includes basics such as desks and lockers and when children are comfortable in a fun and encouraging environment, they are more likely to participate.  Considering preschool students are at an age where their developing brains absorb stimuli and information like a sponge, incorporating a good Learning Carpet is critical to helping them excel in their future endeavors. Here are several categories to help you navigate through our vast selection of learning carpets and narrow down what you're looking for: Shapes & Activity Rugs These rugs teach students on multiple levels.  Many of these rugs teach a combination of colors, shapes, numbers, letters, and animals.  A perfect example is the ABC And 123 Animals Carpet by Flagship Carpets.  This carpet is a great choice for covering several learning topics at once. Have the children pick a number or animal to sit on and read stories, talk, practice nice words, and foster connection. ABC and 123 Animals Carpet Animals & Nature Rugs These carpets provide your students a glimpse into another world while exploring their imaginations. Have the children count fish and compare sizes and colors.  Help them learn the different types of animals along with their natural habitats while also introducing them to unicorns and magical castles. Fantasy Fun Value Rug Bilingual & Multicultural Diversity Rugs It's never too early to teach children skills that will help them in their future careers.  In addition, learning a second language is beneficial to brain development and helps them to learn and understand different cultures. Make it fun (and colorful) by having the children pick a color to sit on. Together, you can count and identify your colors in English and Spanish.  Carpets such as the Bilingual Phonics Carpet by Joy Carpets is a perfect solution before moving into bilingual story time! Bilingual Phonics Carpet by Joy Carpets Music Rugs and Daycare Music Carpets Children love dancing and in addition to self-expression, music and dancing releases energy and introduces children to rhythms and patterns. These carpets are a great addition for any daycare, preschool, or elementary school music program that teaches children an artistic way to express themselves. Afterwards, you can have a dance party and shake off some of that energy! Note Worthy Carpet by Joy Carpets Here at Worthington Direct, nothing brings us more joy than knowing your students have the essential tools for an optimal learning experience.  We invite you to check out our selection of Learning Carpets to ensure your preschool classroom has what it needs to educate the next generation!    
December 7, 2017
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December 12, 2017
December 1, 2017
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