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How to Get More Out of Active Seating Arrangements

Active seating (aka flexible seating) is all the rave in the academic furniture community. The idea that all students are comfortable in the same type of environment is definitely antiquated.  Teachers want students to learn in an environment where they are comfortable and most open to their instruction. The best way to accomplish this is through a variety of options for where and how they do their work.  A solid active seating arrangement helps to maximize both student learning potential and your school's furniture expenditures while creating a fluid and dynamic learning environment for changing curriculum. Here are several ideas to help guide you through your active seating search: Adaptive Desks for Adaptive Chairs One way to keep your students engaged is by providing a standing height table solution to complement active seats.  The Apex Series Double Student Stand-Up Desk by Marco Group provides a standing height table that is sturdy and easy to move.  In addition, it offers ample space to study and take notes, supports a dry-erase option, and is height-adjustable to accommodate sit or stand learning preferences. Apex Series Double Student Stand-Up Desk by Marco Group Keep Everyone Engaged While the idea of active seating is innovative, the concept has usually focused on accommodating an academic or corporate environment, but not both.  Imagine an adaptable seating solution that can be used by students, teachers, faculty administrators, as well as employees and executives.  The ErgoErgo by ErgoErgo addresses this issue with an extraordinary active seat that keeps the user engaged while blending into coffee shops, libraries, daycare learning centers, and work cubicles. ErgoErgo by ErgoErgo An Oldie But a Goodie Many modern classrooms embrace innovative active seating solutions but also continue to utilize traditional student chairs and desks for ever-critical tasks such as exams, quizzes, and independent class work.  However, this doesn't mean you can't innovate a tried and true solution.  Some of these innovations include rolling casters, a folding tablet table, rotating seats with plush seat cushioning, and ergonomic back support for optimal learning posture.  The Stars Series Foresee Chairs by OFM can be used for exams, presentations, lectures, and can easily be rearranged for classroom group work while keeping your students comfortable. Stars Foresee Tablet Chairs by OFM There is no one perfect academic or corporate seating solution for every organization.  It's also not uncommon to adopt active seating while keeping traditional chairs and desks to determine what works and what does not work.  However, Worthington Direct has a comprehensive line of Active Seating products and invite you to contact so that we can help you create the optimal learning environment for your students.
November 2, 2018
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