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Keep Everyone Informed with Enclosed Bulletin Boards

It has been said the average person needs to hear something seven times before he/she remembers it which is why school administrators repeat things all the time both verbally and in writing.  An enclosed bulletin board keeps students consistently informed while allowing academic faculty and staff to focus more on their core tasks. Here are four ways enclosed bulletin boards contribute to a more efficient learning environment: 1. Students Can't Not See It Having prominently displayed enclosed bulletin boards conveying important information on all matters is critical to keeping students updated to changing events, campus announcements, emergency information, and important dates and deadlines.  Schools and universities have no shortage of areas with heavy student foot traffic so clearly visible postings across campus ensure students will notice up-to-date and time-sensitive information.  In addition, popular electronic methods such as websites and social media are prone to technical difficulties while enclosed bulletin boards (especially those posted outside) are immune to power outages and weather conditions. 2. Parents Stay Informed Too Whether it's an upcoming class trip or updated permission slip requirements, enclosed bulletin boards with these announcements help parents to stay informed and they can also take a cell phone picture or write information down the information as a future reminder. Best-Rite Outdoor Enclosed Directory Board Cabinet 3. Speedy Updates The speed at which enclosed bulletin board information can be updated could make a NASCAR pit crew jealous.  Open the window, remove old posting(s), add new posting(s), lock the window and voilà! Indoor Enclosed Bulletin Board w/Coffee Frame by Best-Rite 4. Information is Secure Considering popular communication methods such as websites, social media, and blogs may have inaccurate information, enclosed bulletin boards ensure that accurate information is posted by authorized school personnel which reduces the chance of misinformation via rumors, speculation, or gossip. Large Zig-Zag Hinged Outdoor Message Centers by Jayhawk Plastics The visibility of campus-wide information is absolutely paramount so if you're looking to augment your bulletin boards due to campus expansion or create an optimal layout for maximum visibility, please contact us and we are more than happy to help you choose the best bulletin boards for your academic institution!
October 2, 2017
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October 11, 2017
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