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Making Good Impressions With The Right Reception Desk

Reception desks are the first pieces of furniture a client will see when he or she enters your office. It also sets the tone for your employees when they come to work. Then there are the purely functional purposes of the reception desk that are crucial for running an office smoothly. This piece of furniture is a watch tower from which your receptionist directs the flow of work and defends your business from time wasters. This means that picking the right reception desk for your business will take serious consideration. The first point you must consider is the type of work that will be done at the reception desk. Will the desk's occupant be screening phone calls? Screening emails? Will he or she make appointments, complete invoices, or accept payments? All these different tasks require different tools and you must make sure the reception desk is big enough to accommodate those tools, while being small enough to properly fit your office. It is very handy to have a reception desk that has its own outlets and storage space for all the necessary tools of the trade. Definitely check to see if the desk will hold a computer, phone and files comfortably. A desk that is properly equipped will make the receptionist's job much easier and will maximize productivity.

Be sure to think about the general tone each potential desk is setting to see if it parallels the flow of the office and matches your business environment. Do you want to impress clients with how serious and solid your company is? Is your workplace supposed to be fun and casual? Pick the one that best matches the tone of the business. A more casual company may opt for a fun shape or unusual color while a formal company may want a more conventional-looking desk.

Perhaps you want to emphasize your forward thinking and give your office a more modern feel. In that case, you might prefer the PLB144 Reception Desk Suite by NDI. On the other hand, a warm wooden desk with ornate moldings will typically convey a more traditional sense, such as the Prestige Veneer Desk by Regency. Whatever tone or decorating scheme your business holds, Worthington Direct has a receptionist desk that will meet your needs. Feel free to contact us and view your options today.
September 18, 2015
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September 25, 2015
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