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Office Chairs: A Second Bed?

Office chairs continue to evolve as time goes on, and the trends for this year seem to be merging how an office chair looks with the adaptability of what it can do.Adaptable Office Chair It's all part of how the office chair is going in the direction of consolidation so an employee can withstand longer work hours in a time when it's becoming increasingly necessary. Are Designer Office Chairs Becoming Standard? In the United Kingdom, designer chairs in the office are starting to become popular this year. Chairs with chrome and aluminum might sound more suited for a CEO, even if many offices there are wanting a uniform aesthetic for everyone. It's a significant sign of how the typical office chair had to improve to prevent being stuck with a certain stigma. The older, standard office chair many now represent being less comfortable or uninspiring to look at in fostering a creative work environment. Mesh Office Chairs Mesh executive chairs are becoming fairly standard in offices around the world. They're a good example of how office chairs are being designed to be nearly a second bed. Mesh chairs provide the comfort on the back area that a CEO or overworked employee needs. This prevents any feeling of trepidation when learning one has to sit in an office chair for perhaps a 12-hour work session. And while many mesh chairs are promoted as being CEO chairs, offices are beginning to use them in every department to literally save the back of every valuable employee. Chairs That Are Adaptable Perhaps because the U.K. always does things first, we could soon be seeing adaptable office chairs arriving from across the pond. One British office furniture company is already offering a chair that can be turned into different shapes for specific tasks. Some of those shapes include pulling the back side down for a more relaxing position, folding arms down to recline, plus reconfiguring for easier and more relaxing use of a laptop. It gives complete comfort in one chair that might appear to be a little too casual for an office. That may be where the office is heading when comfort and creativity work in tandem. Ultimately, it'll depend on how progressive certain U.S. offices will become when some companies still want to keep a traditional decorum. No matter what happens, Worthington Direct will always provide the office chair you need and with prices that you'll love. We've been a longtime proven leader in providing furniture for offices, schools and other public institutions with quality materials that can foster comfort and a productive atmosphere. Contact us to take a look at our impressive inventory.
August 19, 2013
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September 4, 2013
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