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Preparing for Successful Back-to-School Routines

Preparing for Successful Back-to-School Routines

Many students have returned for in-person learning. And although schools have had opportunities to test-drive updated health and hygiene protocols, there are still some changes to integrate. Most importantly, preparing for back-to-school routines is now possible with dedicated furnishings that let you remain as flexible as possible.

back-to-school face masks
Kid's Patterned Cloth Face Masks by the Children's Factory
The Horizon Series Klean Kart by Marco Group is Ideal for Enhanced Classroom and Cafeteria Cleaning Protocols

Most school administrators have found old janitorial carts are no longer useful. Instead, they are looking for carts that quickly move from space to space. The manufacturer designed the GreenGuard Gold Certified Horizon Series Klean Kart for this – and so much more. Color-coordinate the exterior laminates to separate between grade levels and campus locations.

Horizon Series Klean Kart by Marco Group

The carts are for the quick in-between group sanitizing or a more extensive cleanup at the end of the day. With all the supplies on the cart and the trash receptacle a part of it, these self-contained units ensure easy compliance with the new protocols.

Allow for Group Learning with Clear Table Dividers by Marvel

One of the most frequently asked questions by teachers has to do with group learning. Because these types of projects are essential for classroom teaching, the manufacturer has designed clear table dividers that actively allow for the room's functioning.

Four Way Table Divider by Marvel

Available in four-way and eight-way designs, the design allows for active collaboration as well as social interaction in a cafeteria or science lab. Best of all the clips that hold the dividers in place are painted with antimicrobial paint, which allows for easy integration into disinfection protocols.

A Mobile Hand Wash Center by Stevens Industries Keeps Hands Germ-Free

Many administrators have been wondering how to deal with the limited number of sinks available to learners. The addition of a mobile hand wash center minimizes the congestion in the classroom when it is time to wash hands. Best of all, you can transport it to different classrooms. This boosts the center's usefulness in the classroom environment. Did we mention that you do not need to have any piping in place to use it?

Mobile Hand Wash Center by Stevens Industries
Maximize Usable Space with the Groove Stack Chair by Smith System

The Groove stack chair has a molded seating surface that allows for comfort in a classroom, cafeteria, library, or maker space. Choose a height of 14", 16", and 18" (which is a good option for those in grades five and over). Quickly set up a classroom, make a space work for you, or take instruction outside. Outfit the chairs with optional steel or felt glides.

Make Mask-Wearing Fun with the Kid's Patterned Cloth Face Masks by the Children's Factory

Available in 20 and 80-packs, these patterned cloth face masks are sized for children and feature reusable two-ply cotton. A pocket opening lets parents add filters if so desired. The design is in alignment with recommendations from the CDC.

back-to-school face mask
Kid's Patterned Cloth Face Masks by the Children's Factory
On-the-Go Writing Surfaces with the Surf by ECR4Kids

These portable writing surfaces come in packs of ten and a variety of solid colors. The Surf is suitable for notebooks, laptops, or books. It is one of the many tools schools of all sizes as well as catering to various age groups can use when preparing for back-to-school.

Of course, the friendly team at Worthington Direct can offer you many more options. Contact us today to learn more!

April 23, 2021
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