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Quick Ship School Furniture Essentials for Returning to the Classroom

As the 2020 Fall school year quickly approaches, Worthington Direct has schools covered with quick ship desks and 24-hour quick ship chairs ready to go. And rest assured - they fit the bill for social distancing.


Social distancing in the classrooms is key, and many schools are ordering individual open front desks to accommodate recommended spacing. The Virco 785 Medium Oak open front desks are inexpensive and can be easily deployed.

The Virco desks are sold individually, but they have additional bulk packs and classroom packages to choose from. Additional quick ship products for the entire campus can be found here.

"Schools face a tremendous challenge ahead and as a parent, I hope creative thinking and diligent planning can make our schools safe for both students and staff."

Crimson Allen, Director of Marketing for Worthington Direct 

Preventative Measures in the Classroom

Partitions & Sneeze Guards

Clear dividers and partitions are also a hot commodity for schools, as they provide a protective barrier, while maintaining visibility and natural light for students. These barriers can create division on tabletops, or between desk with portable freestanding partitions. Not only do they provide protection, many barriers are designing with easy-to-clean acrylic that can be wiped down between classes.

Tabletop Acrylic Partitions by Whitney Brothers

Hand Sanitation


Easily accessible hand sanitation stations and portable sinks will be a must have in the classroom. These stations will encourage hand washing habits and help keep everyone healthy and prevent the spread of germs.



Find a selection of face masks to protect your employees, students, guests and customers from COVID-19. The CDC suggests that wearing a mask helps to protect from viruses and other germs transmitted by droplets in the respiratory system. These KN95, surgical and non-surgical grade disposable face masks and face shields add a layer of protection when you return to the classroom, office and public areas. Buy bulk case quantities that are easy to distribute in office and school facilities.

For a more extensive list of recommended products, schools can view the entire list of sanitation & safety products here.

August 5, 2020
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