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Recycling & Trash Containers: Stylish Designs That Promote Being Green

Recycling and trash containers have been seen together for decades in schools and other public places. Commercial Trash Cans and Recycling Bins But those of us who grew up in earlier decades can remember when those same containers didn't always stand out with stylish designs. Some people might remember when trash containers were simply plain-looking metal containers that blended in with school backgrounds. During those times, recycling containers didn't even exist in most schools. Nobody said recycling and trash containers have to look ordinary just because garbage isn't fun to look at. In today's time, a stylish recycling container can even bring a reminder to students about the importance of going green, no matter where you are. Recycling Containers with Stylish Designs We offer numerously different recycling containers with unique designs so they fit in with a modern school interior. Many of these are designed with ease of use in mind and with clear definition of what the containers are so they aren't overlooked. Some good examples include Safco's Public Square recycle metal containers and their unique shape and sizes. With clear labeling of which containers take glass, cans, or paper, they look attractive anywhere based on their differing colors and height levels. Powder-coated metal also adds a modern stylish flair that takes recycling containers away from being mere cardboard boxes. If you want recycling containers that come in oblique angles for placement in certain rooms, try Magnuson Group's Valuta waste recycling receptacles. They're made of heavy gauge steel to show you how the recycling container has evolved into being heavier duty for public places. Witt Industries offers a wide range of options; from more traditional-looking recycling containers to brightly colored durable metal waste and recycling receptacles. The containers have the classic recycling logo on the front as a form of branding to remind everyone where to place those bottles and other recyclable items. Don't forget to place some recycling wastebaskets in your classroom as well. Witt Industries also makes these, and it shows how the look of the wastebasket has changed. If you grew up with your fellow students shooting baskets of wadded paper into classroom wastebaskets, nobody said it has to stop with recyclable items. Stylish Trash Containers Trash containers have been dressed up in recent years like they're ready for the fashion industry. However, this adds real appeal in a modern school room to make the container more noticeable for use. We offer various styles of all shapes and sizes here at Worthington Direct. You might prefer the see-through trash container style for outdoor environments. UltraPlay produces outdoor trash containers that hold 32 gallons of garbage. With various metal patterns to choose from, these are designed so they won't rust or blow over in the wind. Thanks to this innovation, you can lessen seeing as many trash containers inside as possible. For those who prefer not to see the garbage inside a container, solid dome-shaped metal containers are available from Witt Industries. The latter caters to slightly more classic designs, and some might remember the dome-shaped trash containers from yesteryear. These are also great in outdoor environments to keep the wind or woodland critters from carrying away trash. No matter what you look for in a recycle or trash container, Worthington Direct has everything you'll ever need. Contact us to ask more about our extensive and unique inventory, plus any new items we add on a regular basis.
December 19, 2013
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