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School Computer Lab Furniture Check List

Your school computer lab check list might be one that caters to tradition or perhaps one that's a little more modern. Computer lab furniture for schoolsWith computer labs still being a relevant part of grade to high school levels, what kind of furniture should your classroom have that provides more efficiency and comfort? Better yet, should you utilize furniture that encompasses a sense of collaboration? Here at Worthington Direct, we think computer lab furniture is important in developing the future generation of tech inventors and web scientists. The Advent of the Cluster Workstation If you haven't seen a cluster workstation, then you're missing out on one of the smartest designed computer lab desks on the market. Shaped like a trapezoid, these desks can be combined with another to create six different workstations around each angle. Each little station has partitions for privacy and designed with ergonomics in mind. They're also adjustable so they can be set lower or higher for younger or older students. With laminated tops, cluster desks are made to last and provide plenty of work space for each student. Because it's in the round, it also promotes student collaboration as they learn about computer technology. The desks also save plenty of floor space. A Good Computer Chair We offer more computer chair choices than you can count. Your computer lab checklist should have one that's on casters so students can move their chair around with ease to avoid noises from chairs that aren't mobile. It should also be comfortable, with a good example being our padded task chair. As well, because kids grow fast, the computer chair should be adjustable with a curved back rest so a student's back region is protected. Cabinets to Store Computers, Laptops and Tablets One of the vitals of a computer lab is in making sure all the computing equipment is put away after class so there's no chances of them being stolen. With computers, laptops and tablets being so easy to steal from a classroom, you need a good storage cabinet that locks securely. We offer many here in different sizes, and with increasing levels of security. Try a laptop charging security cart, or try a wall-mounted safe for the utmost in protection for your computer equipment. Stands for Printers and Other Peripherals Sturdy stands for all your computer peripherals will need to be an essential on your computer lab checklist. Because some of those peripherals are usually heavier than the computers, they need to be solid and not resting on something precarious. We offer various printer stands for normal inkjet printers and much heavier laser printers. Many of these are made by Balt. One handy feature on most of our peripheral stands is in how adjustable they are. Adjusting them for younger kids so the printers can be reached is a vital part of computer lab ergonomics. Taking these all into serious consideration on your checklist, you have plenty of opportunity for high-quality furniture. That's one thing you can be sure of when you shop for school furniture at Worthington Direct. You can also be assured that you'll be getting the latest trends in design so your classroom will look modern while providing ergonomic advancements. Contact us if you have any questions or comments about our computer lab inventory. We're here to make sure your students work comfortably while learning the vitals of the computing industry.
October 25, 2013
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