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Supersize Your Storage: Other Uses For Trash Cans

At work, school or home, the story is always the same; there is not enough storage space! If you're looking for something easy, cost-effective and relatively tall to store large or bulk items, consider using recycling and trash receptacles as extra storage. Listed below are a couple examples of how you can turn an old trash can into a useful household item. Create a Mobile Container Garden : Outdoors : Home & Garden Television

Gardening: Perhaps the most natural extension of their original intention, garbage cans are great for use in the garden. Purchasing all the necessary gardening resources and tools can turn small DIY gardening projects into an expensive investment. Shave some of those costs by using an old trash can, instead of a wheelbarrow, to collect and dispose of weeds, leaves, grass, and other debris. Trash cans also make perfect storage containers for peat moss, mulch, potting soil, and other compost materials. Their size and shape help decrease spills and manage moisture levels. When transportation of materials is needed, use trash cans with wheels. They are easier to handle than wheelbarrows and buckets, while saving your back from planting this season's vegetable seedlings! For a unique look use trash cans as planters for indoor trees and bushes, or make a one hour trash can fish pond!

Recycling: In addition to collecting recyclable materials for disposal, you can use trash cans to collect recyclable materials that are headed for cash redemption, such as bottles and cans. Do you have too much stuff gathering dust? Create more space and donate your clothing and household items you no longer use to a charity. Assigning trash cans to categories such as clothes, toys, books, and household items is an easy way to get organized and keep charity contributions out of the way until they are ready to be donated. For those who are serious about saving the environment, trash containers make great rain barrels. Harvesting rain water is a way to save money and water. This becomes especially useful during a drought or science lesson.   Equipment Storage: Due to their tall shape, recycling and garbage cans make perfect storage solutions for unwieldy items- including brooms, mops, shovels, rakes, gardening hose, wrapping paper, and sporting goods such as balls, bats, rackets, clubs and Frisbees. You can  store seasonal clothing, camping gear, blankets, and other bulky items as well. Trash receptacles can be useful storing messy items that you don’t want seen, like charcoal or firewood. Companies in the restaurant and catering industry often use garbage containers as hampers for fresh and dirty linens, or for storing bulk paper products, plastic cups, and cleaning supplies. Animal Feed Storage:  Storing pet food in a durable garbage can makes storing easier and keeps food fresh. Plastic and metal cans protect against mice and rodents, water damage and spillage due to split bags. Wheeled trash or recycling receptacles makes using and moving animal feed particularly easy on farms, animal shelters and equestrian or veterinarian venues. Here's a new job for a trash can: Use the sturdy containers to store messy things such as birdseed, sand, or salt. Place a cup inside for easy measuring. Print letters onto magnetic paper, cut out the letters, and use to label the cans   In addition to providing valuable organization for difficult to store items, there's plenty of other creative ways to use trash cans. Visit our website to see all of our trash can and recyclable containers that are part of our year end sale. Hurry before the sale ends! Contact us for more information about the recycling and trash container lines we carry, and keep your sanity by supplementing your storage.  
November 11, 2014
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