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Teach, Tutor, and Collaborate with Easels

Among the many critical skills that students must develop at an early age are motor, cognitive, and social skills.  The earlier children develop these skills, the better it helps them perform in future classes as well as their professional careers.  Learning tools such as Easels can help develop these critical skills while also providing a flexible visual teaching aid for multiple classroom subjects and multiple grade levels.  Integrating easels in your classroom helps students develop their cognitive skills by visualizing their creative ideas, understand different artistic perspectives, and allows them to express themselves thus boosting their self esteem and confidence. When looking for an easel for your learning environment, there are several factors below that can help guide your search: Art Station Easels Finger painting, shapes drawing, and imaginations run wild with Art Easels.  Designed for early school grades such as Kindergarten, art easels allow children to draw fun ideas and visualize how they see the world.  Many art easels also include storage cubbies and drawers for an all-inclusive drawing solution with ample space for multiple students to express their ideas.  The 4 Station Art Easel by Jonti-Craft provides a practical solution while offering ample storage, drawing space, and accessories to accommodate multiple teaching scenarios. 4 Station Art Easel by Jonti-Craft Mobile Easels It's not uncommon for classes to have tentative schedules.  Classroom locations, project deadlines, and assignment details can and do change which means having adaptive learning tools is crucial for changing action items.  Having an easel that can be easily moved and stored, provides teaching flexibility, and allows quick deployment for impromptu assignment and group work changes.  The Mobile Lap Board Teacher Easel by Best-Rite helps keep the interactive learning going by utilizing casters for easy transport, having six storage bins, and optional board panels for additional drawing area. Mobile Lap Board Teacher Easel by Best-RiteFlexible Easels Some easels are designed to be utilized in environments that are not limited to early school grades.  High schools, colleges, and even corporate environments can take advantage of easels that provide innovative visualization to help with learning, tutoring, and business applications.  The Spinner Easel by Best-Rite utilizes a double-sided dry erase magnetic surface that can be rotated, is height-adjustable, and can be folded for portability.  This makes it a perfect tool for library study rooms, corporate training environments, outdoor restaurant menu signs, and classroom presentation aides. Spinner Easel by Best-Rite Since everyone learns in different ways, the choices of easel options allows schools and businesses to determine which type and quantity suits their unique learning and budgetary needs.  Because of this, we invite you to check out our comprehensive line of Easels and contact us to help you choose the optimal easel solution for your visualization needs!
June 25, 2018
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