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The Best Locker for Your Organization

Companies and organizations come in different shapes and sizes.  Some are fortune 500 companies like Amazon that hire thousands of front line workers while others are small businesses, non-profit organizations, and government agency offices that utilize 15-30 personnel.  Fortunately, innovations have led to an explosion of locker designs which means there's something for everyone.  Implementing a good locker solution keeps things organized, provides a centralized storage for employee belongings, and reduces the chance of theft liability on company premises. Here are several options that can help guide your search for the optimal storage solution: Secure and Scalable Many organizations are in the business of conducting professional testing such as IT & Nursing certifications, SAT & ACT placement exams, and government & military aptitude tests.  Having a secure place for test takers to store their belongings such as keys and cell phone ensures they don't have to worry about missing personal effects before, during, and after the exam.  In addition, other organizations such as consulting agencies and home healthcare medical companies that often dispatch their employees to remote locations can benefit from a small but secure storage locker solution when their people are occasionally in the office for meetings, etc.  The Cell Phone and Tablet Locker by Hallowell offers ample storage space for small items with the flexibility to choose padlock, keylock, or digital combination lock and can be purchased in single or triple-wide configurations allowing you to scale your locker storage solution as your organization grows. Cell Phone & Tablet Locker by Hallowell Early Childhood Secure Storage Many private early learning institutions adopt innovative and outside-the-box learning methods for their students.  One example is the concept of the Montessori school where students are self-directed and are focused on hands-on learning.  Having a secure storage locker for students complements this forward-thinking environment as it teaches responsibility and accountability.   Students know where to easily access their school supplies, materials and learn how to stay organized which is a critical skill that will continue to benefit them as they advance in school and transition into their future careers.  The Rainbow Accents Stackable Lockers by Jonti-Craft is perfect for early childhood learning environments as it provides an expandable and secure storage location for your students. Rainbow Accents Stackable Locker by Jonti-Craft   High Volume and Innovative Storage There are countless large corporations including Boeing, Toyota, Wal-Mart, UPS, and General Electric who employ hundreds of thousands of factory and operations personnel.  While traditional metal lockers have been around for decades, many advancements have made investing in high quality volume locker storage more inviting.  Phenolic lockers not only feature durability but also utilize a non-porous surface that resists the buildup of mold, mildew, and bacteria thus making them great for wet and damp areas.  They are also resistant to scratches, graffiti and are a natural choice if you're looking to overhaul or add to your high volume storage set up.  The Versamax Phenolic Six-Tier 1-Wide Locker by Hallowell offers excellent storage and the option to choose between padlock, key lock or electronic lock security which will keep your employees' personal effects neatly stored while providing a more natural look to your work environment. Versamax Phenolic Six-Tier 1-Wide Locker by Hallowell   Different organizations have different personnel storage needs and having the optimal solution helps to promote an efficient and happy work environment.  We invite you to check out comprehensive lineup of Lockers and contact us to help you find the best storage solution for your organization!
October 5, 2018
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