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The Most Efficient Way to Charge Your Classroom Devices

With technology continuing to accelerate its advancement, there's no shortage of solutions that can enhance student learning.  Everything from Multimedia Computer Cabinets to Computer Lab Desks, Information Technology is taking us towards a paperless society.  However, while it's debatable whether or not to allow students to use their own devices, classroom devices are continuing to grow in popularity. From networked 'clickers' to packs of Nexus 7's, charging them individually on a power strip is both impractical and a safety hazard. Instead of dealing with a rat's nest of tangled power cords, it might be time to consider a classroom charging station. 48-Device Tablet Cart One Classroom If you have incorporated tablets into your lesson plans and find yourself tied up teaching all day, it can be difficult to keep shared devices charged up without an efficient system. Any hour that you're not teaching, you probably want your devices to be 'topping-off'. A charging cart, perhaps placed near the door where students can come in and pick up and drop off on their way out, is a fantastic solution. By integrating a tidy charging solution, you can minimize classroom interruptions due to technical difficulties. Sharing is Conserving Chances are you are not the only classroom using tablets in your school. Teachers with nearby classrooms can reduce their equipment costs by sharing a charging station. This is the same technology used in high-end offices and some carts can charge 40+ devices at a time. With a mobile and space-saving cart, you can easily share both charging and tablets between two or more classrooms at any given time. Laptop Charging and Storage Cart Sync and Charge The advent of USB in the ever-changing arena of Information Technology has made it nothing short of game-changing.  The ability of USB to simultaneously charge and transfer data offers flexibility and reduces clutter which is significant for a learning environment. Specially designed charge stations can allow you to mass-sync data for charging tablets, saving you upload times when preparing the devices to aid in lesson delivery. Tablet Sync & Charging Cart If you're losing productivity everyday due to plugging in devices and syncing lesson content, tablet charging stations are the solution!  Whether you're charging 8 or 48 devices, centralizing your classroom's charging needs will definitely create a more efficient learning environment. For information on charging stations or help choosing the right charging solution for you, contact us!
June 22, 2017
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July 5, 2017
June 15, 2017
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