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Purchasing School Furniture: Don't Forget What Goes Under That Desk

When you are responsible for the acquisition of your school's furniture you will look at desks, chairs, collaborative desks, teacher's desks and more but, there is one area that can often be overlooked. When designing the young student's classroom be sure to look down, at the floor. Many times you will see a plain, well worn, rather drab floor but consider instead using that space to engage and educate the students that call that classroom home. We all know how much warmth a rug can bring to any room so warming up a child's learning space would be greatly appreciated by everyone who enters the room. You can consider purchasing a rug based on color alone because there are studies that confirm the influence of color in our ability to learn. The California Dept. of General Services' website goes into great depth about the color/learning connection and influence. The online article tells us:
  • "Shades of red can actually increase one's heart rate, and too much red can be downright distracting."
  • "The careful use of bold colors such as red or orange may increase IQ by as much as 12 points."
  • "Green is often associated with fertility, including "fertile thinking," as in creativity." There are many types of classroom rugs. Some common themes are Alphabets and Numbers, Geography and Shapes and Activities. Rugs can actually be utilized as a learning tool or they can be used to defines spaces. Think about a orange rug in the reading circle area or a rug that can help a child learn a new language. They have the power to engage the young mind and create an exciting and stimulating learning environment.Worthington Direct is the result of 30 years of experience in the school supply and equipment industry. We have been in business 15 years and are staffed with knowledgeable sales associates that average 10-20 plus years experience. We are committed to being your school, office, church, and daycare center’s top furniture resource.As you are preparing to create a learning environment, contact us to talk about how we can be of service.
September 20, 2012
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September 27, 2012
September 13, 2012
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