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Whiteboard Blues? Glass Can Help!

Dry erase boards have become a tremendous part of our lives. We use them at work, at school, and even at church. As much as they have been helpful, they have also sometimes proven frustrating. As they age, or as we use the wrong cleaners, they can begin to look dingy or become inhabited by ghosts of images past. Many of them have to be replaced after only a couple of years of heavy use, and although they are sleeker than chalkboards, they lack the modern style many buildings deserve. Thankfully, glass dry erase boards can get the job done, and with additional benefits, both with functionality and in form.Glass Dry Erase Whiteboard

More Writing Material Choices

With glass, you aren't limited to dry erase markers but can use other mediums, like grease pens and wet erase markers as well. This opens up a world of color choices and allows you to decide how permanent you want the image to be until you're ready to clean it off. Gorilla Glass Luxe Wall Boards

With glass, you aren't limited to dry erase markers but can use other mediums, like grease pens and wet erase markers as well.

Easier to Clean

Since the surface is crafted of glass, it is quite easy to remove whatever marker you use, and with each cleaning, it looks like new, no matter how long the previous markings were left on it. These boards are easily made ready for the next presentation or lesson, and as long as you follow the manufacturer's guidelines, you can expect many years of hard work from them.

More Style Choices

These boards come in a variety of colors and sizes to meet whatever needs you to have. Bold colors like these stand out and become a part of the design, or if you prefer, an untinted or frosted glass design will blend in when not in use and still prove perfectly readable when required. For a bolder look, the glass can even be black, which provides perfect contrast to bring your creations to life. Some boards are designed for specific uses, like patient communication boards and calendars. Mosaic Glass Board Pattern Need a board that travels? Glass boards on casters  are available for perfect mobility. Smaller boards can be used to create a stylish mosaic or provide individually sized workspaces for office or education. Whatever your glass whiteboard needs are, contact us to discover how we can help bring your vision to life.
April 10, 2019
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