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Who All Can Use Flat File Storage Cabinets?

Academic projects take up space. If you've ever walked into an elementary classroom the day after a painting project is due or in the middle of a science experiment presentation, you know how quickly storage space can disappear.  However, there are practical storage solutions that can safely store projects, media, and important documents.  Flat File Storage systems provide an optimal space to store artwork, media projects, blueprints, and maps while keeping classrooms, libraries, and archive rooms organized.  Here are three applications where flat file storage can help keep you organized. Libraries Academic and public libraries store and archive a wide range of media for research and teaching purposes.  However, unlike textbooks, some media are sensitive and must be carefully stored. Librarians require unique storage that can hold 3-D representations, raised or textured topographical maps, and a wide array of transparencies. These materials must be stored in a flat environment, and counter space is often used for conventional applications such as reading surfaces and computer workstations.   The Flat File System by Diversified features a stackable option which can adapt to a growing library archive.  Flat File System by Shain Media, Art & Science Programs If you visualize a flat storage cabinet, an art or science classroom often comes to mind. Similar to drying watercolors, some things just can't be stacked on top of each other as they're in progress or even when they're complete while others need bigger space.  Furthermore, not all art and science departments are created equal which means a flat file storage solution that that can pull double duty might be a solid choice for programs that utilize the same resources.  The Rock & Paper Storage Cabinet by Diversified Woodcrafts accommodates both 3D and flat file storage needs which is perfect for art classrooms, chemistry laboratories, and archaeology departments. Rock & Paper Storage Cabinet by Diversified Woodcrafts Architecture & Business If your academic institution offers an Architecture degree program, then a flat file storage system is a must-have for student deliverables and faculty research documents.  In addition, a flat file storage system would be invaluable for architecture design firms and similar engineering-type companies looking to keep client project drawings and schematics safe, secure, and organized.  The Stacking Flat File Storage System by Sandusky Lee offers substantial flat file storage with the flexibility of a pedestal or closed base depending on your storage layout. 10 Drawer Flat File Storage System by Sandusky Lee Choosing file drawers and storage cabinets that can be utilized by different types of personnel is a solid way to maximize school or corporate budget expenditures.  While art and architecture theory and applications evolve constantly, a durable flat file storage system can last for many years thus making it a timeless and practical investment. We media-loving folk  at Worthington Direct invite you to visit our Flat File Storage Systems and allow us the opportunity to accommodate your media & drawing storage needs!
February 2, 2018
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