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Why Your Classroom Needs the Zenergy Ball Chair

Why Your Classroom Needs the Zenergy Ball Chair

More and more teachers are requesting flexible seating arrangements. These educators have realized that learning to sit is distracting students from the actual instruction going on. Moreover, teachers are spending too much time correcting seating habits that could be better spent on teaching students the subjects. One of the most popular products at this time is the Zenergy Ball Chair by Safco.

Zenergy Ball Chair by Safco Products

Suitable for Learners of All Ages

There is a common misconception that flexible seating is for younger learners. Rather, it is an excellent option for students of all ages. The versatile Zenergy Ball Chair accommodates a weight capacity of up to 250 pounds, which makes the flexible seating product suitable for students ranging in age from preschool to high school. If necessary, you can remove the powder-coated silver legs to take the chair from a 23-inch height down to 20 inches.

Bring Even More Flexibility to Your Seating with Swivel Options

Educators now realize that fidgeting is a natural process that increases a child's metabolism. Moreover, allowing for subtle core strengthening keeps the learner alert and blood flow going. You are likely to see fewer yawns and more alertness during lessons. Due to the rounded sitting surface of a 17.5-inch exercise ball, the body and mind remain engaged even while working on mathematical equations or writing essays.

A Healthy Alternative to Standard Seating

Zenergy Swivel Ball Chair by Safco Products

The Zenergy Swivel Ball Chair by Safco offers all the advantages that the standard ball chair provides. However, instead of being mounted on four legs, it features a swivel base that allows for 360-degree rotations. In addition to providing all the benefits that flexible seating arrangements allow in the classroom, this chair also encourages a collaborative work environment among students.

Work with the Experts in the Field of Flexible Seating

Worthington Direct specialists can assist you with the selection of the right products for your needs. Whether you favor the antimicrobial black vinyl cover or prefer to outfit the chairs with mesh fabric covers, let our team help you think through your options. Contact us today!

February 12, 2021
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