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Certwood Storage Solutions

Certwood has designed and constructed high quality products and solutions for institutional, educational, healthcare and automobile industries for more than 30 years. Worthington Direct is proud to offer their storage products to deliver innovative design, safety and quality, ensuring the success of learning and other evolving environments.

Systematic, high-capacity storage solutions support a community of learning as well as the opportunity to increase teacher collaboration. Well organized grade level and building level storage systems support and integrate STEM, STEAM, and makerspaces in any environment at any time.

Organization creates healthier environments by permitting ease of cleaning and increased movement allowing student agency to occur. Well organized space leads to high levels of facilitation, movement, flexibility, agility and student performance. Certwood’s StorSystem provides a complete set of tools to aid in decluttering in order to support student centered learning environments.

Mobile Storage with Innovative Features

Certwood’s award-winning Glide & Tilt® Runner System was perfected to create an innovative solution that prevents tote trays as well as their contents to not fall out under any circumstances. This unique system permits full access to the tote tray’s contents, while being securely held within the unit.

Certwood is committed to manufacturing their entire line of products with durability in mind. Gone are the days of purchasing static furniture moved only one to two times per year. Educational furniture products must endure being moved four to five times a day.

StorSystem™ withstands the test of the most mobile collaborative environments. Steel components are fully welded, metal finishes are epoxy powder coated, and all casters are heavy duty rated.

Having storage mobility not only effectively supports elementary grades in the need to keep the smallest of manipulatives organized but will support middle school, high school, higher educational organizations, offices, commercial, and medical institutions in a larger scale.

Certwood Quality and Safety Standards exceed all others

Safety of your students and staff are reinforced by the leading quality of Certwood Tote Trays as they are “Shatterproof”. All Certwood products meet or exceed international standards of strength and stability. SuperTuff HIPS and engineering grade ABS containing numerous chemical resistance properties.  

The StorSystem™ Tote Tray product is the only storage tray in its class that far exceeds the rigorous standards of BS: 5873 (1998) PART 4 for an impact drop test. Passing and far exceeding the strongest of all international testing and protocol.

Certwood’s unwavering passion for innovation in design of safe product solutions is further supported by recognition from FIRA, Furniture Industry Research Association, for Innovation and Ergonomic Excellence of their StorSystem™ series. Certwood became the first manufacturer of educational furniture to receive both the prestigious FIRA Ergonomics Excellence Award and FIRA Innovation Award.

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