Copernicus Active Seating

Copernicus Active Seating

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  • Self-regulation Classroom Cruiser – (PreK - 2nd)
  • Self-regulation Classroom Cruiser – (3rd- 6th)
  • Self-regulation Classroom Cruiser with Desktop – (PreK - 2nd)
  • Self-regulation Classroom Cruiser with Desktop – (3rd- 6th)

Active Flexible Seating Solutions

Find the perfect active flexible seating chair by Copernicus for your classroom or library. These dynamic bikes offer a little extra movement for students that need help focusing during their desk-bound hours. For other non-traditional seating options, visit our Bean Bag Soft Seating or Wobble Stool sections for chairs popular in 21st Century Classroom designs.

Read more about active flexible seating chairs on our blog: Active Seating- Is it a Right Move for your Classroom.

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