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Gratnells Storage Carts

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Gratnells has proven to develop market leading innovations, while keeping their systems affordable and adaptable. Their award-winning trays and storage systems are likely to be found in schools, colleges and universities, emergency services and hospitals. 

Gratnells offers flexible trolleys and a vast range of tray options that are specifically designed to suit many storage requirements. Gratnells full range of tray options feature a variety of different colors and sizes. Choose from sizes like shallow, deep, extra deep, or jumbo. With the wide selection of color choices and tray sizes, Gratnells makes it easy to create a fully customizable space for your organization. 

For the educational setting, Gratnells offers single carts, single trolleys and trays, allowing you to create your own environment. Or utilize the complete cart sets to get you started in the right direction. Gratnells offers their modular classroom storage system, and more! Gratnells Rover all terrain carts are designed to help you transport heavy loads with ease. 

The Rover is perfect for transporting heavy objects and materials that could be utilized during field trips, carrying technology equipment for testing and anything else you can think of! The 260mm rubber tires also make it possible to move up and down the stairs, effortlessly.  Gratnells furniture is designed to give you the ultimate control over your educational and commercial spaces.

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