Palmer Hamilton Cafeteria Tables

Palmer Hamilton Cafeteria Tables

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  • 19F Mobile Bench Cafeteria Table (12')
    19F Mobile Bench Cafeteria Table (12')
  • 59TV Mobile Stool Cafeteria Table (12')
    59TV Mobile Stool Cafeteria Table (12')
  • 59T Round Mobile Stool Cafeteria Table (60" Round)
  • Phlip Mobile Folding Table - 60" Round

Palmer Hamilton Cafeteria Tables

Featuring an easy lift system, Cafeteria Tables by Palmer Hamilton provide a flexible and comfortable dining solution for your growing learning environment. These versatile cafeteria tables are designed to meet the dynamic needs of schools, universities, and communal dining spaces. With their easily foldable design, they offer unmatched convenience for quick setup and takedown, making them ideal for multipurpose areas.

The inclusion of casters allows these cafeteria tables to be swiftly moved, stored, and transported, ensuring that dining configurations can be effortlessly changed to accommodate different events and activities. This mobility feature is particularly beneficial for schools and institutions that require frequent reorganization of space. Moreover, these tables can clear most 7’ door frames, adding an extra layer of convenience for transport between rooms or buildings.

Crafted with durability in mind, Palmer Hamilton’s cafeteria tables are built to withstand the rigors of daily use while maintaining their functional and aesthetic appeal. Choose Palmer Hamilton for innovative cafeteria furniture solutions that enhance the functionality and versatility of your dining areas, providing both comfort and practicality for students and staff alike.

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