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Regency Desk Accessories

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  • Legacy Reception Desk Return (47'' W x 35'' D)
    Special Price $258.95 Regular Price $291.95
    Legacy Reception Desk Return (47'' W x 35'' D)
  • Legacy Modular Table Extension (4' W)
    Special Price $608.95 Regular Price $686.95
    Legacy Modular Table Extension (4' W)
  • Fusion Peninsula Top Post Leg
  • Zeng Stack Chair Cart
  • Fusion Modesty Panel for 48'' Desk
  • Center Drawer
  • Fusion Modesty Panel for 66'' Desk
  • Zeng Ganging Bracket
  • Fusion Computer Table Corner Leg
  • Fusion Modesty Panel for 84'' Desk
  • Fusion Computer Table Center Leg
  • Fusion Modesty Panel for 42'' Desk
  • Set of Four Casters for Kobe Training Tables
  • Fusion Modesty Panel for 60'' Desk
  • Fusion Modesty Panel for 72'' Desk

Regency Desk Accessories

Elevate your productivity and efficiency with Regency's range of accessories designed to optimize your workspace. Regency's Accessories are meticulously crafted to provide ample space and convenient access to your supplies and paperwork, helping you stay organized and focused throughout the day.

Whether you're in need of storage solutions, cable management tools, or ergonomic accessories, Regency has you covered. Our accessories are designed to seamlessly integrate into your workspace, providing functionality without compromising on style.

Invest in Regency's Accessories today to transform your workspace into a productivity powerhouse. With our quality craftsmanship and innovative design, you can create a comfortable and efficient environment that supports your workflow and enhances your performance.

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