Stevens Industries Wall-Mount Storage Cabinets

Stevens Industries Wall-Mount Storage Cabinets

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  • Classroom Work Suite I
    As low as $3,000.95
  • Classroom Work Suite II
    As low as $2,673.95
  • Classroom Work Suite III
    As low as $2,783.95
  • Deluxe Work Suite
    As low as $3,533.95
  • Work Desk Suite
    As low as $3,290.95
  • Work Suite
    As low as $1,732.95
  • Work Suites with Sinks
    As low as $2,032.95
  • Work-Space Suites
    As low as $1,960.95

Wall Casework Storage Solutions by Stevens Industries

Stevens Industries offers Wall-Mount Storage Cabinets designed to keep your classroom or work area organized and supplies easily accessible. With functionality tailored to modern educational environments, these storage systems are not only practical but also enhance the aesthetics of your learning space with a variety of color choices.

Utilize these wall-mounted casework systems to maximize space efficiency by installing them around the perimeter of your classroom for convenient built-in storage solutions. Whether creating a clean-up station in your art studio or science lab with the Work Suites featuring sinks, Stevens Industries' Wall-Mount Storage Cabinets offer versatile storage options to meet your classroom's specific needs.

Elevate your learning environment with Stevens Industries' Wall Casework Storage Solutions, combining functionality and style to create an organized and vibrant classroom or workspace. Contact us today to explore the full range of options and transform your classroom storage.

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