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Daycare Furniture Buyer's Guide

Daycare Furniture Buyer's Guide

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Find your complete daycare furniture needs at Worthington Direct with a wide selection of colorful pieces designed for childcare activities. Each furniture piece meets our strict safety standards, and many of our items are eco-friendly. Provide a safe place where the children will love to play by browsing through some of our select categories below. Also explore the rest of our complete selection of childhood furniture to meet your every daycare need.

Daycare Furniture Buyer's Guide

Caretaker Furniture and Usage

For clean-up, sitting, or organizing activities, check out our daycare equipment and furniture designed to make daily task easier for your facility's caretakers. Choose from a variety of changing tables or clean-up sinks to suit your room layout. Take a breather or rock a child on one of our gliders. Separate different children's areas with our portable room dividers.

  1. Changing Tables. Whether you are looking for a wall-mounted bathroom Example of Daycare Diaper Changing Tablechanging station or a stand-alone changing table with shelves, look through our wide range of options to suit your room needs. Some of our all-inclusive units house a sink, changing table, cabinet with drawers, and hide-away toddler steps. From single step stools to steps reaching changing table height, choose from a variety of pieces, including those featuring storage beneath the steps.

  2. Clean-up Sink Units. View our options for science lab style sinks or workstation units. Some of our units have wheels, making them portable. Each piece exhibits a sturdy construction design that will last for years. Stepping stools and walk up steps will also be an aid for kids reaching sinks without back strain on the caretaker.

  3. Rocking Chairs and Gliders. After playing with active children, sometimes you Example of Daycare Rocking Chairjust have to take a seat. Rockers and gliders provide a comfortable seating option when rocking infants while keeping a child-friendly environment in mind. We even feature a versatile swivel glider for adults to keep an eye on everything around them while there hands are full with infants.

  4. Room Dividers and Display Boards. Sometimes childcare feels like an old one-room schoolhouse with so many different activities in the same space. Use some of our freestanding room dividers to partition off different activities. Keep different ages separate with our portable screens. Some dividers come with mobile displays, and we also carry different whiteboards and bulletin boards room dividers.


Kid stuff seems to multiply as days go by, especially during winter or on rainy days. Clean up that pile of wet jackets and winter boots with some organization solutions.

  1. Early Childhood Kids Lockers. In colder months, kids will have coats and boots needing storage during their stay. Childhood lockers provide each kid with a place to hang their coat, shoe cubbies, and cubbies for backpacks and bags. Benches and doors are also featured on some options. If floor space is limited, check out our wall mounted units.

    Example of Daycare Storage Cubbie
  2. Storage Cubbies. Whether storing kids gear, craft supplies, toys, or other equipment, there are plenty of options for use by kids and adults alike. We have rolling storage towers, large and small cubby units, wall-mounted cubbies, tray and drawer cubbies, and units with a mix of cubby sizes.

Children's Furniture

From activity tables and beanbag chairs to play mirrors and soft-play furniture, Worthington Direct provides sturdy daycare equipment designed for use by children. Most options include the flexibility to be used with any daycare room layout.

Example of Bean Bag and Kid's Soft Seating

  1. Activity Tables for Children. Pick a table shape based on your activity, including semi-circle to collaborative desk designs. Tables vary in height to meet the needs of different ages. Our all-wood tables are made to last, and our plastic chairs give a blast of color to your room. Portable tables allow for maximum room layout flexibility. Our FruiTables activity tables provide a flare of excitement kids will love.

    Daycare Reading Area
  2. Bean Bag Chairs and Bean Bag Furniture. Kids like to relax too, and bean bag chairs provide comfort for every kid. We have pod pillows that can be used for lying down or sitting up. Beanbag seats help kids sit up while keeping them comfortable. They'll have a blast with our outdoor Fatboy Buggle-up beanbag chair. Help your kids snuggle up with a book on any of our creative Fatboy bean bag chair designs.

  3. Children's Chairs. Worthington Direct children's chairs are available in diverse sizes to accommodate any youngster. Most of our chairs are stackable, and some come with attached baskets under the seat. Check out our modular sectional seating or our reading stations with built-in storage.

  4. Dramatic and Block Play. Play kitchen designs abound in our wide selection. WeExample of Daycare Play Kitchen Set have small, single-child units as well as entire play kitchen sets. Choose from a variety of colors or wood designs to match your daycare room. Block sets, play mailboxes, toy garden equipment, puppet stands, and indoor rocking boats provide every kind of imaginative play. We also have play tables with storage, small slides, doll houses, play castles, and play lofts for sturdy and safe indoor use.

  5. Feeding Tables and Picnic Tables. Wall mounted seats save space while our toddler tables with built-in seats keep children focused on their activity or snack. Picnic tables are one-piece designs built for sturdy indoor or outdoor use.

  6. High Chairs. We have ground-level seating for infants and toddlers as well as full sized restaurant-style wooden high chairs. Each is made with easy cleaning and durability in mind.

  7. Mirrors. Play mirrors that sit at ground level give babies a lot of laughs. Let kids explore and express themselves on a colorful play mat with mirror, mirror blocks, padded mirrors, and other fun toys.

  8. Sensory and Sand Tables. Kids can play and put away toys in these sensory andExample of Daycare Sensory Sand Water Table sand tables. They feature built in compartments and toy storage at kid-height. They can make a sand castle and play with sand and water with a Children's Factory Neptune Sensory Table. Play sand can be kept free of weeds or rocks with these self-contained sand tables.

  9. Soft-Play Furniture. Toddlers and babies need soft play equipment. Worthington Direct offers ball pools and play pens made of cushions. Kids can roll around on a padded mat and matching soft blocks. Make an indoor playground with cushioned slides, play houses, and tunnels. Large block sets let kids build their own house or towers.

Sleeping Units

For nap time, Worthington Direct offers sleep locations for every age. Each option has colorful variety and is made specifically with easy cleaning in mind.

Examples of Daycare Sleeping Options

  1. Cots. Stackable cots are sized for children up to 80 lbs. For some sets, the bottom cot doubles as a rolling dolly for stacked cots. Our Spaceline Cot Activity Center by Angeles come with a pegboard activity panel, a magnetic write-and-wipe board, magnetic letters, and building bricks.

  2. Cribs. Our cribs meet current safety standards. Convenient features on some products include drop-gates, evacuation cribs, crib drawers, crib dividers, pack away cribs, two level bunk cribs, and cribs with side gates.

  3. Rest Mats and Napping Mats. When it's nap time, throw out these colorful cushions that are compact and easily tucked into storage. These mats can also double as exercise or play mats. Some are group size while others are for individual kids. We also feature rest mat storage carts and trolleys to store mats easily out of the way when nap time is over.

The categories above are only a sampling of our daycare equipment. Browse the rest of our site to explore every kid-friendly, budget-friendly option.

Top Brands for Daycare Furniture:
Jonti-Craft Angeles Children's Factory Foundations Whitney Brothers ECR4Kids

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