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Office Chair Buyer's Guide

Office Chair Buyer's Guide

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What Is an Office Chair?

There are many types of office chairs. An office chair should be comfortable enough that someone can sit for long periods of time in it. They are often ergonomically built, so office workers can maintain their postures and prevent their bodies from suffering from hours spent sitting in the chair. Office chairs are also sometimes used in lobbies, so guests and clients can be comfortable while waiting.

Learn about all Office Chair styles and designs

What Are the Common Types of Office Chairs?

There are numerous types of office chairs for use in a variety of offices. Some of the most common office chairs are executive, mesh, task, adjustable, highly-adjustable, arms and armless, conference chairs, and lobby chairs. Your ideal chair depends largely on where you will use the chair and what type of office you work in.

Big and Tall Office Chairs

Constructed to support larger weights and frames, these office chairs are generally constructed to carry between 350 and 500 pounds without the hazard of a structural break. You may not require as many of these chairs, but should consider having a few on hands if you have visitors or guests on premises. Look for weight capacities and seat and back dimensions to ensure genous room for all shapes and sizes.

Big and Tall Office Chairs are Oversized with extra Weight Capacity

Ergonomic Task Chairs

Designed for long term comfort and productivity, these chairs feature all of the considerations for bodily health while seated at a desk. They come in a variety of materials, styles, and structure, but most have five legs for stability and are well suited for general office work. Most offer excellent lumbar support as well as multiple seat and back adjustments to cater to a variety of body types and phsyical needs. Chairs may have high-backs or mid-backs and often are offered with or without arms. 

Ergonomic Office Chairs for work comfort

Mesh Chairs

Also ergonomic designs that are well suited for general office tasks, these chairs feature breathable mesh on the backs of the chairs to provide support and comfort without becoming too warm. Some offices prefer these chairs for their minimalist structure and design. These are an affordable office chair choice for any workspace.

Mesh Office Chairs for breathability

Conference and Guest Chairs

Look for chairs to support the needs of your guests or visitors. Many waiting rooms and offices choose simple universal designs that provide comfort, while enabling maximum room occupancy. Conference rooms often feature chairs on wheels for easy ingress and egress from a conference table. Guest chairs should be selected based on their environment. An auto dealership may consider a vinyl or plastic seat that are easy to keep clean. A doctor's office may consider padded upholstered guest chairs to offer maximum comfort prior to a sometimes anxious medical appointment. 

Conference and Office Guest Chairs

Why Do Office Chairs Have Wheels?

Unlike most other types of chairs, many office chairs have wheels. One reason for this is the difference in need for offices as opposed to other events. Office workers may need to move to other areas in their offices or to other cubicles. Wheels allow them to easily move without needing to pick up the chair and move it, which is inconvenient and inefficient.

What Are the Adjustment-Types Most Common on Office Chairs?

Due to the extended time that people spend in them, office chair designs are often even more focused on comfort than other chairs. To cater to many different types of people, many office chairs have a variety of adjustments. The most common are adjustments for back angle, back angle lock, seat height, and arm rest height.

What Are Some of the Special Adjustments for a High-End Office Chair?

Office chairs are available in extremely basic models, high-end models, and everything in between. High-end office chairs, usually more expensive, have features that make them more comfortable than others. Some of the special adjustments available on high-end office chairs are seat cushion tension, back support position, and back support depth.

What Should Be the Top Considerations for Any Office Chair?

Offices are investing in chairs that have strong ergonomic qualities to protect their employees’ health and improve overall productivity. A well-built chair should meet the following ergonomic criteria for your office needs:

  1. Stability – These chairs should have a five-pronged base to provide the most stability for those seated.

  2. Movement – Chairs should swivel around on their bases and be set on casters for movement within an office space. This prevents users from straining to reach items in an office setting. Look for chairs that also allow users to slightly recline to adjust their seating position for comfort over time.

  3. Back and Body Support – Look for chairs that have strong lumbar support and enough width in the seat. Worthington Direct also offers a line of big and tall office chairs that are built to support larger frames and may be the perfect accompaniment to a set of traditional office chairs. Each chair is rated for a certain weight limit and should be chosen according to individual needs.


Do You Need a Chair Mat for an Office Chair on Carpet?

People often purchase chair mats along with office chairs. Chair mats come in a variety of materials, and people put them beneath office chairs, covering an area where you would wheel the chair. Chair mats are not a necessity. Their main purpose is to prevent the wheels on the chair from damaging the carpet. However, your office chair will still work on carpet.

How Do You Know When You Should Replace Your Office Chair?

If you are using a high-quality office chair, it should function effectively for years. It is important to have a good office chair, so when you should replace one can be vital to your health. One clear sign is if parts are falling off the chair. If one of the arms is off or the back of the chair threatens to collapse every time you sit down, it’s time to replace the chair. You may also need a new chair if the seat is worn down.

Old and Worn Office Chairs need to be replaced

Whether you need to outfit your lounge or find the perfect chair to support yourself and your employees, Worthington Direct can help you choose the most cost-effective and comfortable options for your needs. Visit our complete chair section to browse through our office chairs or contact us today for more assistance in choosing a great office chair.

Top Brands for Office Chairs:

Office Master       Boss       OFM       Office Star       HON

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