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Office Chair Buyer's Guide

Office Chair Buyer's Guide

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Making the decision to buy new office chairs is often deceptively difficult. There are so many different types of chairs on the market that office professionals have to take into consideration the primary use of the chairs, the tables, rooms, and who will be using the chairs. Some chairs are better for occasional functions and are foldable or not constructed to handle daily wear and tear. Others are ergonomically designed to provide users with proper support for jobs that require hours of sitting at a time.

Office Chairs from Worthington Direct

Do you know which kind of chair is best for your office setting? This type of investment requires careful consideration so you can find the best option for your office space. If you expect the chairs you buy to receive heavy use, invest in quality that won’t wear out over the next few years.

Here’s some tips for evaluating the chairs at Worthington Direct that best fit your needs:

Use and Amount

The first consideration for buying chairs is knowing the number of chairs you will need for your requirements. You may be purchasing chairs for a number of different purposes that will need to be evaluated separately. Consider these common uses for chairs:

Daily office work – These chairs should support consecutive hours of sitting on a daily basis. Most office professionals, teachers, and others spend a significant portion of their day sitting in a chair. The chair needs to be supportive for the core to relieve the strain of prolonged sitting. It should also encourage proper posture and be adjustable for different heights, preferences, and desk arrangements.

Teacher's Desk Chair

There are conventional office chairs that swivel for this purpose and at the higher end there are executive office chairs that may be covered in leather or feature other higher quality materials. Executive chairs can be fancy, functional, or both. Look for executive chairs that allow for movement and adjustability to support any workers sitting in them.

Reclining Executive Office Chair

Conference and waiting room chairs – Unlike an office desk chair, these chairs may be used in a variety of professional settings and should reflect the business’s culture and provide adequate support and comfort. Many of these chairs are used for less than an hour at a time and may therefore be constructed for functionality and movability. Your office or school may require more of these chairs than you initially think, so make sure you think of all the scenarios in which extra chairs may be needed.

Every office space is different, so the number of chairs you need may change over time. Consider each room individually and determine how you expect to use that room. You may want to include different types of chairs in different settings. Compartmentalizing your chair needs can help you determine which chairs will be most affordable when bought in bulk and which should be long-term investments for employee wellbeing.

General Chair Considerations

Ergonomics is a buzzword thrown around in the furniture industry today. It is a term that describes the user experience of any work tool, including chairs. Offices are investing in chairs that have strong ergonomic qualities to protect their employees’ health and improve overall productivity. A well-built chair should meet the following ergonomic criteria for your office needs.

Computer desk chairs (according to OSHA recommendations) –

  • Stability – These chairs should have a five-pronged base to provide the most stability for those seated.
  • Movement – Chairs should swivel around on their bases and be set on casters for movement within an office space. This prevents users from straining to reach items in an office setting. Look for chairs that also allow users to slightly recline to adjust their seating position for comfort over time.
  • Back and Body Support – Look for chairs that have strong lumbar support and enough width in the seat. Worthington Direct also offers a line of big and tall office chairs that are built to support larger frames and may be the perfect accompaniment to a set of traditional office chairs. Each chair is rated for a certain weight limit and should be chosen according to individual needs.

Conference and other office chairs should also provide support and stability, but are not normally used for the same tasks as a computer chair. Consider chairs that allow for maximum visibility and seating in the room while providing comfort to occupants.

Types of Office Chairs

While the use of the chair will primarily dictate what kind of chair you choose, you should be aware of the different types of chairs and what they offer. Here are a few examples of the differences between different office chairs:

  • Big and Tall – Constructed to support larger weights and frames, these office chairs are generally constructed to carry between 350 and 500 pounds without the hazard of a structural break. You may not require as many of these chairs, but should consider having a few on hands if you have visitors or guests on premises.
    Hon Big and Tall Office Chair
  • Ergonomic Task Chairs – Designed for long term comfort and productivity, these chairs feature all of the considerations for bodily health while seated at a desk. They come in a variety of materials, styles, and structure, but most have five legs for stability and are well suited for general office work.
    Ergonomic Task Chairs

  • Mesh Chairs – Also ergonomic designs that are well suited for general office tasks, these chairs feature breathable mesh on the backs of the chairs to provide support and comfort without becoming too warm. Some offices prefer these chairs for their minimalist structure and design.
    Mesh Office Chair

  • Conference/guest chairs – Look for chairs to support the needs of your guests or visitors. Many waiting rooms and offices choose simple interlocking designs that provide comfort, allowing for visibility in a classroom setting while enabling maximum room occupancy.
    Guest Conference Office Chairs

Whether you need to outfit your lounge or find the perfect chair to support yourself and your employees, Worthington Direct can help you choose the most cost-effective and comfortable options for your needs. Visit our complete chair section to browse through our office chairs or contact us today for more assistance in choosing a great office chair.

Top Brands for Office Chairs:
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