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Preschool Furniture Buyer's Guide

Useful and colorful preschool furniture abounds at Worthington Direct. From audio and visual carts to desks, chairs, and storage cubbies, we supply budget furniture for every classroom need. All of our furniture is built to industry standards for durability and child safety in styles kids enjoy. Take a look at our options and begin planning your classroom layout. Below are some of our most popular categories.

Be sure to also check out our eco-friendly furniture. Each piece is constructed using environmentally friendly processes by the brand Greenguard Environmental Institute. Specializing in indoor air quality protection, they certify products that meet high standards for production emissions.

Preschool Furniture Buyer's Guide

Tables and Chairs

Preschool activities demand a variety of uses from tables. We have hand-picked tables designed specifically with versatility in mind. These tables can be used for teaching, crafts, reading, and play. They can be organized in rows, circles, or semi-circles or set up individually. Many contain drawers, have matching chairs, come with benches attached, and more.

  1. Activity Tables for Children. These wooden tables are built to size for preschoolers. They are made in a variety of designs with different teaching methods in mind, and many come with drawers or trays for pullout storage. Use a semi-circle to foster collaborative learning while still allowing for teacher directed activities. Smaller, movable tables can be used alone or in groups. FruiTables activity tables provide a fun atmosphere for children.

  2. Early Childhood Folding Tables and Computer Tables. Lightweight folding tables are designed with the teacher's flexibility in mind. Whether you want to move tables outside or stow them away for added floor space, these tables are very accommodating. Children's computer tables are built to size with a child's needs in mind. Helping children learn computers at an early age is becoming more important as typing and computer proficiency are standard requirements in today's career economy.

    Preschool Outdoor Picnic Table
  3. Feeding Tables and Picnic Tables. For preschoolers, eating time is play time, too. Easily washable tables integrate seating to help children stay settled so adults can manage groups. Some tables seat up to eight children while others are individualized.

  4. Table and Chair Package Sets. Keep ordering simple by choosing a matching table and chairs set. These packaged sets can save you money and take the guess work out of selecting the right size chairs to go with selected kid's tables.

  5. Sensory and Sand Tables. Keep toys contained and organized with activity tables that allow kids to play with their toys without spreading them over the floor. Choose from our variety of table shapes with your particular preschool toys in mind.

    Berries Children's Chairs
  6. Children's Chairs. With a range of colors, shapes, and sizes, our chair designs will fit any preschool classroom demand. Chairs come in staggered heights to meet the needs of different ages. Most chairs stack for easy, space saving storage.


Teaching preschoolers requires a lot of equipment, including toys, snacks, teaching tools, and books. A variety of shapes and storage options allows for flexibility in any classroom shape or design.

Examples of Preschool Kid's Storage

  1. Book Displays and Storage. With plenty of options, teachers can store books, display them, or provide seating for little readers. Your students can store their books in open displays, personal cubbies, rotating shelves, or in their seat. Teachers can set up a library, a teaching area with a whiteboard, reading stations, or countertop displays. Keep your classroom stocked with books from the library with the use of a book cart.

  2. Early Childhood Lockers. During rainy or snowy seasons, kids need a place to put their coats, boots, and gloves to keep them clean and parents happy. Instead of finding a pile of jackets in the corner with muddy shoes mixed in, keep each child's lunchbox, jacket, and shoes organized and out of the way with these childhood lockers.

    Example of Preschool Wall Storage System
  3. Preschool Wall Systems. Need an all-in-one solution for storing everything? Wall systems come with integrated features such as built in childhood lockers, countertops, cabinet space, toy storage, or whiteboards. With modular designs, these systems can be constructed and expanded to suit your classroom needs.

  4. Colorful Rainbow Accents and Brite Kids Furniture. Blast some excitement into your classroom with some extra color. Some of our most fun tables, chairs, and storage will make your room come alive. We have color themed kitchen play sets that match our children's lockers and bookcases. Set a theme for the whole room or designate different areas with different color themes as you match bookcases, tables, chairs, and storage shelving. Space saving items are available with our corner bookcases and wall-mounted lockers and cubbies.

  5. Storage Cubbies. Classroom supplies and more can be kept in these storage cubbies. A variety of styles, sizes, and shapes will suit any classroom need. Keep your preschool toys or craft supplies organized with our Jonti-Craft cubby towers. Keep smaller objects or crafts-in-progress separated with Jonti-Craft cubby trays and lids. Each child can have their own cubby for papers when you use a Jonti-Craft portfolio mailbox.

Floor Mats

Young children spend a lot of time on the floor, whether playing, sitting to learn, or listening to story time. Carpets and mats help keep their little elbows and knees safe while providing colorful and even very imaginative floor covers.

Example of Preschool Carpets

  1. Preschool Carpets. All kinds of adventures are waiting for your preschoolers with these activity rugs. Alphabet and map rugs help kids learn while playing games. Rugs with shapes and maps grow kids’ imaginations and creativity as they roll around creating games and stories in worlds of their own. Avoid stand-up barriers by designating different areas of the room with solid color or textured area carpets.

  2. Rest Mats and Napping Mats. When it's nap time or exercise time, kids will need cushioned surfaces to protect them from the hard ground. Some mats are big enough for groups of children to lie on together. Included here are also cushioned blocks and seats for different settings and types of learning.

Arts and Media

The best way for kids to learn is to jump in and get their hands dirty. Art stations and multimedia activities channel a child's natural energy toward creative and enriching activities which encourage the development of their fine motor skills.

  1. Children's Easels. When it's time to color or paint, set up the classroom easels. Some are individually sized, but others are made for the entire class to use together. Teachers can also use them as teaching boards. Most contain built-in storage for colors and paints.Example of Children's Preschool Art Easel

  2. Early Childhood Art Room Furniture. Craft supplies often end up in a jumbled pile at the bottom of a box or drawer. We can help solve this problem with entire craft stations, complete with shelving and organization solutions. Our organizers help keep different types of paper separate or display those beautiful finger-paintings.

  3. Early Childhood Audio Visual. The increased use of multimedia in the classroom helps children learn with all their senses. Our selection includes CD players and headphones, lecterns, portable DVD players, rolling TV stands, and organizers with room for computers.

These are just a few of our favorite early childhood products. Plenty of other options are available in our full selection of preschool furniture. Some other categories include cleanup sink units, cots, dramatic and block play, high chairs, mirrors, outdoor play, rocking chairs and gliders, room dividers and display boards, and soft-play furniture.

Top Brands for Preschool Furniture:
Jonti-Craft Angeles Children's Factory Wood Designs Tot-Mate ECR4Kids
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