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Room Divider Buyer's Guide

Room dividers are some of the most valuable and flexible investments a company or school can make to promote privacy and change the layout of a space. Partitions can be used to separate presentation areas in job fairs, create two or more spaces out of one, or create a temporary cubicle environment. If you would prefer to watch videos instead of reading this article, visit our Screenflex video page full of helpful demonstration videos.

The best part about room dividers is that most can be neatly stored away after use, requiring minimal storage space. Not every room divider is made equally. Some designs are better suited for certain tasks than others. Here’s an overview of what to look for when investing in new room dividers for your space.

Benefits of Room Dividers

Flexible partitions can make any space a more flexible environment for work, study, and play. They offer a number of benefits that make them a cost-effective and efficient investment. Consider these top benefits if you’re still on the fence about investing in one or a few:

  • Cost-effective – Whether you need to accommodate guest colleagues, create a meeting space, or make a semi-private area for any number of needs, it’s less expensive to invest in a room divider as opposed to expanding or renovating your space.
  • Easy to use – Many room partition solutions are flexible. They can easily be brought out or put up to suit the needs of the space. In most cases, one person can handle the setup and breakdown of the room divider without difficulty.
  • Design freedom – If you have a specific need for a room divider or need a general space saving solution, you can find a room divider that will suit your needs.
  • Sound buffering – Some temporary partitions may leave a separate room feeling like one. Many room dividers today are covered in fabric to significantly reduce the noise level in an area and encourage privacy. There are even partitions that are specifically designed to decrease the noise level in a certain area.

Choosing a Room Divider

First, determine the primary use of your room dividers. You may use dividers to display presentations and information, to assist with the teaching process (whiteboard), to reduce noise in a certain area, or as a general multi-function divider. In some cases, it may be beneficial to invest in a couple of different types of dividers to test out an area before choosing which dividers will suit your needs on a large scale. Consider these popular room dividers and their functions:

  • Partition Panels – These partition panels are great for setting up an orientation day or an impromptu office setting. Lightweight partitions that are well suited for a more permanent use, like creating a cubical or other designated area that needs visual privacy. These partitions are available in a number of different heights and widths to provide as much privacy as needed in a space. Bases are sold separately for most partition panels, as well as angle connectors, straight connections, T-base feet, and even casters. These parts allow you to create a specific panel system for your office or workspace.
    Office Partition Panels
  • Freestanding full-room dividers – A full room divider will stretch from one side of a room to the other. They typically fold out in an accordion-style and can be fully extended for a full scale wall or left partially folded to provide some distinctiveness to a space. Casters are built-in for freestanding, full-room dividers allowing you to use them right out of the box. You can find these dividers in different heights, although six feet is the typical height for most designs. Order a portable partition that is below ceiling height with room to spare for the allowance of a building not being perfectly square, especially older buildings.
  • Wall-mounted partitions – These room dividers are more permanent than their free-standing counterparts. In an accordion-style, they fold into and away from the wall, also on casters. Wall-mounted partitions are the perfect solution for any space that consistently requires room division and are commonly used in multi-use rooms, cafeterias, and conference spaces. Consider the way these partitions fold up when mounting them next to a door or window. Order left or right storing so that your wall bracket and partition match your room's layout.
    WallMount Screenflex Partition
  • Display partitions – Available in flexible configurations, display partitions are designed to promote presentations in a three-dimensional environment. Pin documents, information, and displays onto the board with staples or push pins and the partition is ready for any environment. Use portable display partitions to showcase artwork, provide relevant information to employees and visitors or to aid in a science fair or career fair setup.
  • Dry erase partitions – Impromptu classrooms and conference spaces both benefit from portable dry erase dividers. Available in a number of different sizes, professionals can use these partitions for presentations, teaching, and group activities. Many are also magnetic so that professionals can add items to the board as necessary. These are also great additions to support projector needs. A large, portable dry erase partition can adequately serve as a screen for any number of projects or displays. Look for double sided parititions that have a dry erase surface on one side, and another surface on the other such as a tackboard, fabric, or finished laminate.
    D.O.C. Display & Dry Erase Dividers
  • Sound reducing designs – Those who work in therapy offices, elementary school, or other space that require quiet for certain activities may benefit from partitions designed to reduce noise. Worthington Direct offers sound reducing designs called Sound Sponge Quiet dividers by Angeles that are perfect for any noise reducing applications or where children gather.

  • Storage dividers - Create a functional room divider using one or more cubbies or bookcases with finished backs. These type of room divisions are great for large classrooms or daycare rooms where you want to create multiple areas, but need lots of extra strorage. Look for storage units with finished backs or plywood backs so that they are durable enough to be used away from a wall. Some storage units have dry erase backs, making them even more fuctional as room dividers.
    Storage Room Divider Idea

Other Considerations

Look for designs that are flexible and easy to move. Castors and easy folding accordion designs are available from most brands. Some partitions may also come with the option to add accessories to the partition to make it even more functional. The most popular accessories include ways to join together flexible partitions and dry erase boards that can easily be fitted to the partition to serve the needs of presenters and educators.

Keep the measurements of your space handy when you start to explore the options for room dividers. Room dividers are available in a number of different heights and widths and knowing how much space you need to fill can help you make a decision about the best solution for your rooms.

If you plan on using the room divider for multiple purposes consider the flexibility of the design. Can it support display and partition capabilities? Are the castors optional? Those that offer more capabilities will likely suit your room dividing needs now and into the future.

Worthington Direct offers a number of different room dividing solutions from different, high quality brands. Whether you have a specific goal in mind or need a flexible solution, our representatives are ready to help you choose the room divider solution for your space. Contact us today through our online chat feature or call us at 800-599-6636 to learn more.

Top Brands for Room Dividers:
Screenflex ECR4Kids Angeles
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