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Church Risers

Portable Collapsible Stages for Sale

Worthington Direct has a large selection of portable collapsible stages and risers designed for institutional use that will provide years of service. Place these stages in your classroom, auditorium, band room or any place you need to put on a performance. Portable collapsible stages and risers are ideal for special events and school performances that require only temporary use. Create a professional choral riser configuration anywhere on campus and then store away for the next event. Even though our risers are portable, they are expertly crafted to ensure total safety for your students, facility and guest speakers.

Our commercial grade portable collapsible stages are available in several surfaces such as carpeted, hardboard or even polypropylene. We offer trusted brands like Midwest Folding, National Public Seating and AmTab and back them up with manufacturer's warranties. You can choose from traditional standing risers in either straight or tapered models. We also carry seated risers that double as stage units when extra space is needs for seated musical performances. The risers are sold in sets to take the guesswork out of selecting the right unit for your needs.

You can contact an experienced Worthington Direct staff member by phone or Live Chat to help you make your portable collapsible stages and risers purchasing decision.

For general information about stages and risers, please visit Furniture Buyer's Guide: Stages Risers.
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