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Coat Racks

Coat Racks

Having a sturdy set of coat racks is essential for keeping your church organized and free from excess clutter. Whether you want a folding clothes rack or a sturdy coat hanger rack, we have you covered. You’ll find sturdy choices from Magnuson Group, Sandusky Lee, Jonti-Craft, and more.

Options for Throughout Your Church

Our selection of folding garment racks includes options for every space of your church. Consider a coat rack on wheels with space for over a dozen coats to place by the chapel in winter. This way, your congregation doesn’t have to bring their coats into the service and struggle to find a spot for them. As a bonus, one of these racks even doubles as transportation for folding chairs and tables. This is also a great choice for clothing drives for the less fortunate.

Or maybe you want a set of wall hooks that can go in each classroom and smaller multi-purpose spaces you use for activities like a youth group. Consider a simple coat tree for the main office and reception area.

Does your church offer childcare during services? Consider a wall-mounted rack with hooks and a set of shelves for that space.

When it comes to the priest’s office or the office of any other church leadership, you may want something more permanent than a folding laundry rack. Consider a cabinet with a portion to hang clothing and shelves for this space.

Select the Features and Size That You Need

Our selection of folding clothes racks lets you select the ones that are the best fit for your church. You can choose a rack that sits on wheels or one that is more stable when it sits on the floor. You can select from one with hooks to those that use hangers or choose one that also has shelves.
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