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Church Storage Cabinets and Shelving

Storage cabinets and shelves for the church office are not different from school and office
storage. The purpose is to keep the office organized. Since churches also host community events,
school programs, and the like, their offices often have a ton of paperwork and supplies.


Cubbies help keep everything organized. You can store office supplies there, though some also
use them as a file cabinet. Since small to large trays fit inside the cubby storage cabinet, church
workers can use these for a variety of items. The shelves are deep enough to store even elongated
and bulkier items.

You can place the cubbies on top of each other or, for safety precautions, put them next to each
other. If you have more space in the office, you can have three or more of these units lining up
one wall of the room.

Since these cabinets are primarily designed as daycare cubbies, manufacturers don’t build them
to be taller than the average height of toddlers. They’re around three feet in height, making them
perfect for storing regularly used items in the office.


Jonti-Craft’s cubby storage has heavy-duty casters to allow you to roll them around the room.
This comes in handy when church workers have to relocate a storage cabinet from one
conference room to another because of an activity. They can also use a mobile cubby storage to
move heavier equipment such as speakers, laptops, and other devices.


These storage cabinets are pretty and stylish. You can choose to have clear or colored trays. For
example, the conference room often used for kids’ activities can have storage units with colorful
trays, while the church office can have clear trays. It comes in different materials too. The
storage cabinet can be made of wood, steel, plastic, and laminated particleboard.

Quality Brands

Marco Group has a fantastic range of cubby storage. Other brands such as Sandusky Lee, Tot-
Mate, and Wood Designs have good options too.

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