High Chairs & Feeding Tables

High Chairs & Feeding Tables

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  • Feeding Tables
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  • Junior Toddler Table- Blue
  • Four, Six and Eight Seat Toddler Tables
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  • Secure Sitter Adjustable Feeding Chairs
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  • Secure Sitter Feeding Chairs
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  • Simple Sitter Birch Chairs
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  • Easy Serve Feeding Chairs
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  • High Chairries w/ Premium FDA Approved Tray
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  • Rectangular Toddler Table
  • Rectangular Toddler Table
  • Rectangular Toddler Table
  • Toddler Wall Seat
We have several high chairs and feeding tables available that are commercial quality for heavy-duty use in preschools, daycare centers, church nursery's and restaurants. The High Chairries by Jonti-Craft are a popular high chair choice and feature a feeding tray and seat belts. For self-loading, consider the Secure Sitter line by Foundations that is available in several heights for infants up to toddlers.

Feeding Tables are carefully manufactured to meet the needs of the childcare industry, daycare centers, and Sunday schools. Available in several capacities, feeding tables can hold up to 8 kids during mealtime. Feeding tables allow the caregiver to feed several active toddlers all at once. Instead of purchasing several individual high chairs, a daycare center can maximize their space and budget with a feeding table.

Mealtime can be fun time for children and caregivers with these early childhood high chairs and feeding tables, specially designed for commercial use in daycare and preschool facilities. For larger kids, many of our cafeteria tables are available in lower heights to accommodate elementary and primary aged students.

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