Preschool STEM, STEAM & Makerspace

Preschool STEM, STEAM & Makerspace

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  • Antimicrobial Nimble Cart (6) Single Depth Trays - Light Gray
  • Antimicrobial Swift Wide Tower Cart (6) Single Depth & (6) Double Depth Trays - Clear
  • Antimicrobial Swift Wide Cart (6) Double Depth Trays - Clear
  • Antimicrobial Wide Nimble Cart (6) Single Depth Trays - Clear
  • Antimicrobial Class Act Carts
  • Antimicrobial Class Act Tower Carts
  • Antimicrobial Nimble Tower Carts
  • Antimicrobial Swift Carts
  • Antimicrobial Swift Tower Carts
  • Antimicrobial Trays
  • Antimicrobial Wide Nimble Tower Cart
Have a classroom full of creative engineers in no time with preschool and kid's STEM, STEAM and Makerspace furniture for science, technology, engineering, art and math These early childhood furniture pieces are designed for STEM labs that cater to the youngest learners.

Durable and safe these STEAM furniture products will fit into any classroom to create a STEM center, used in kid's library STEAM spaces or anywhere kids get hands-on with education. We also carry Makerspace Furniture for upper grade students and up. Contact us with any questions about these products and how they might be useful in your STEM lab.

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    ChemGuard Science Lab Tables
  • Steel Stools product image National Public Seating Steel Stools
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    Kool Series Stack Chair
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    A & D Ready School Stack Chairs
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