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Kids Easels

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  • 4 Station Easels
  • Double Adjustable Easel
  • 2 Station Art Easel
  • Literacy Display (w/o Trays)
  • Young Time Big Book Easel- Ready to Assemble
  • Plastic Accessory Tubs (Set of 6 - Clear)
  • Single Hanging Fence Easel (23-1/2'' W x 22-1/2'' H)
  • Double Hanging Fence Easel (47-1/2'' W x 22-1/2'' H)
  • Tabletop Easel
  • 3 Way Adjustable Easel
  • 4 Way Adjustable Easel
  • 2 Station Art Easel ( School Age )
  • Teachers' Easel - Write-n-Wipe by Jonti-Craft
  • Window Art Easel
  • Mobile Script-N-Skill Station
  • Young Time 2 Station Art Center- Ready-to-Assemble
  • See Thru Easel
  • Toddler Adjustable Easel
  • 4 Station Art Easel
  • Primary Adjustable Easel
  • Art Center for Four
  • Art Center for Two
  • Adjustable Double Easel
  • Mobile Art Center
  • Adjustable Easel
  • Rainbow Accents Easel Stations
  • Store-It-All Teaching Center

Easels and Learning Centers

Easels are an incredibly versatile tool to have on hand. They are useful for both creating and displaying content and work well in a range of situations.

Useful for All Ages

When most people think of easels, they do so in the context of art furniture. This makes sense as they display the canvas at the perfect angle for artists of all ages. Professional artists use art easels as they craft their work. On the other end of the spectrum, small children use them when they are first learning to draw or paint.

But easels are more than just art furniture. They are also good alternatives to whiteboards in conference spaces and anywhere else where you need to share ideas. Learning centers can use easels to display the concepts they are teaching. Businesspeople can use them in meetings to display images or charts. The possibilities are limitless.

Multiple Styles to Choose From

While the basic design of easels is simple, they are available in a range of styles. Some are just the basic foldable triangle that lets you display charts or images. Others contain dry erase boards or stand on wheels.

While most of the easels sit on the ground, there are also some that go on top of a table.

Easels for early learning centers add even more variety. You can easily use those same styles and put paper or cardboard on them for children to draw on or learn with. Or you can opt for a book display easel or art easel that lets kids draw directly with chalk. There are also art easels specifically designed to encourage kids to show off their creativity, complete with trays for paints, crayons, or markers. Some of these are even designed so that there are multiple sides to the easel, letting more than one person use it at once.

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