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Mobile Workstations and Mobile Computer Carts

Mobile Workstations and Mobile Computer Carts

Makerspaces are becoming increasingly popular in schools, offices, and libraries. These spaces give people a place to collaborate, learn, explore, and develop skills. In order to create the proper environment for this, you need mobile workstations and carts that allow for individual work and collaboration. With solutions from brands like Luxor, Safco, and MooreCo, we make it easy to design a makerspace for your location.

Mobile Workstation Cart Options

When setting up a makerspace, you want the freedom to change the configuration. Our mobile laptop and computer carts are easy to move, so you can change the setup at any time. Many of our top carts and workstations are on wheels that are easy to lock and unlock, so the next configuration is just a push away.

An Assortment of Standing and Sitting Computer Mobile Workstations

Many people set up makerspaces with both standing and sitting desks. Standing computer and laptop carts allow people to learn and explore without developing the health problems associated with prolonged sitting. Also, many find that it’s easier to move from station to station and collaborate when using standing desks.

If you prefer to fill the space with sitting computer workstations, we have a nice assortment of those options as well. Many of our sitting desks come with ergonomic features such as built-in footrests. Also, you can find designs that will keep students, faculty, or patrons in a neutral body position, so they can work for hours without aches and pains.

Workstations that Accommodate Learning and Development

Our computer carts and workstations come in numerous sizes. You can get a small cart for a narrow space or a more robust workstation. Larger workstations have room for technology and equipment that can enhance your makerspace. You can also choose a solution with retractable drawers and folding shelves for more space.

From laptop carts to complete computer workstations, we have just what you need for your office, library, or school. Browse through our inventory today so that you can build the ideal space."
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