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Shop Storage Cabinets and Workshop Storage Cabinets

Shop Storage Cabinets and Workshop Storage Cabinets

Makerspaces emphasize active learning. The students themselves apply and absorb the information in front of them. This non-traditional way of learning takes away spoon-feeding. It needs unconventional tools as well. This is where a good workshop cabinet comes in.

Encourage Creativity

A makerspace involves a huddle of students exchanging ideas about the lesson. The teacher merely facilitates. This discussion brings out each student’s creativity. Using CEF’s Chameleon Maker tables is a game-changing helper in this style of learning.

This mobile woodworking cabinet has individual storage space for each student. The individual pods enable students to adjust and keep up as the lessons change. These tables can become wall cabinets when not in use. It eliminates clutter and encourages students to be creative in using the tools in their pods.

You can use the Chameleon Hideaway storage cart by CEF with the makerspace table you have. It can be a 12-bin storage cart or a 24-bin tool storage cabinet. The bins can be three inches or six inches deep. You can have an additional butcher block feature. This can serve as a work surface for the students. They can use this cart to create and apply more of their ideas.

Promote Independent Learning with Collaboration

Students participate in their own learning in a makerspace environment. This allows each student to gain more information and apply it independently. That is why each student has a personal set of materials. The Mobile Tool Cart by Diversified Woodcrafts features a black plastic laminate top that allows for hands-on learning and collaboration. This wheeled tool cart is designed for the transportation of equipment and supplies as well.

Hands-on Learning in Your Hands

A makerspace classroom can create a whole new generation of independent learners. These students can discover and rediscover on their own. They could also bring all their ideas together if they choose to. All you need is the right workshop cabinet to get things started.
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