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Crib Dividers

Crib Dividers

Countless new parents bring their infants to the office so they can stay close while getting their work done. With the right office furniture, you can create a safe environment for infants without reducing productivity. We carry crib dividers and partitions from Jonti-Craft, Whitney Brothers, and others, so you can accommodate your employees, prevent the spread of germs, and reduce noise in the office.

See-through Crib Dividers

See-through nursery dividers are a top choice for offices that need accommodations for multiple children. You can put the cribs next to each other and place the dividers between them. The crib separator prevents babies from spreading germs from crib to crib while reducing the noise. Because the dividers are clear, you can keep an eye on the children without taking them down or walking into the space.

Partitions and Baby Room Dividers

If you want a no-fuss solution that’s easy to set up, our partitions might be the right choice. These floor-standing partitions can go between two cribs without reducing visibility. You can see through the crib separator, but the children won’t be able to pass germs between one another. Plus, these nursery dividers also provide noise reduction.

While you can use the partitions as standard crib dividers, they can also go between pieces of office furniture. Then parents can bring their kids to work while separating them from the action. This makes it easier for parents to stay productive while supervising their children.

The health and safety of your staff and their children is a priority, so browse through our baby room dividers today. From a single crib separator to a more robust system, you can find the ideal products for your office. Then you can show your employees that you care about them and their families as much as you care about your company’s bottom line.
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