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Display Partitions and Whiteboard Dividers

Display Partitions and Whiteboard Dividers

It is always helpful for offices to have versatile spaces to serve multiple functions. This is when dividers come in handy. They are even more useful if you opt for whiteboard dividers. This is because they can serve as writing surfaces as well as partitions.

Incredibly Versatile Having a whiteboard room divider is an incredibly versatile piece of furniture for your office space. You can use them to separate large conference rooms or multipurpose rooms into smaller conference spaces, so people don’t have to try to share the space.

If employees share offices, you can use display partitions to make them feel as if they have private offices.

You can even use whiteboard room dividers when you don’t need to separate the space and want a whiteboard. After all, they are simply large whiteboards. This makes them particularly useful for bigger brainstorming sessions or large conferences where you need to fit a lot of ideas on the board.

Choose Your Size Because of the various ways to use whiteboard dividers in your office, we have options in a full range of sizes. Some have just a few panels, while others have half a dozen or more.

You will also find varying heights. Most come up to at least the height of an average person, but some are tall enough to reach the ceiling, while others are shorter.

They Come on Wheels

Most of our display partitions come on wheels as well. This is true whether you choose ones from Best-Rite, Screenflex, Ghent, Muzo, or another brand. The fact that they sit on wheels makes them highly portable and adds to their versatility.

Choose a Style

Even if you know you want a whiteboard room divider for your office, you will still have your choice of style. Most have whiteboards across the entire surface, but some have clear plastic, sturdy aluminum, or other materials on the part of them.
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