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Winged Dividers and Tri-Fold Dividers

Winged Dividers and Trifold Dividers

Office furniture consists of more than desks and chairs. Winged and trifold dividers can help you get more out of the space. You can use a trifold divider to display important company information or one of our partition dividers to break up the space. Learn more about your options from Screenflex, Ghent, and other top manufacturers, so you can find the right solution for your office.

Display Company Information with a Winged Divider

Do you need to display information for employees or customers to see? That’s easy to do with a winged or trifold divider. You can pin documents, photographs, and other materials directly onto the panels to create a visually appealing display.

Then, you can set up the winged divider in a reception area or your office space and move it if needed. Simply use the wheels to transport the display panel to the next location.

Separate Space with a Winged Divider

You can also use dividers to separate spaces into designated areas. While many people use partitions as a classroom divider or school divider, they are ideal for offices as well.

You can choose dividers based on the number of panels and add to them later if needed. Additionally, you can select the features you want, such as built-in whiteboards and corkboards. Then, you can create private spaces for employees so they can focus on their tasks. You’ll be amazed by how much more productive your employees are after you set up the office furniture.

A winged or trifold divider is a fantastic addition to any office space. Whether you want privacy or to display company information, we have products for you. Browse through the options, paying special attention to extras that can help you boost productivity and efficiency. Then, you can set everything up in your office and reconfigure or move it if needed.
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