Clean-Up & Portable Sink Units

Clean-Up & Portable Sink Units

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  • Hand Sanitizer Stands & Holders
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  • Work Suites with Sinks
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  • Clean Hands Handwashing Stations
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    Clean Hands Handwashing Stations
  • Deluxe Step Up Stool
  • Step Up Stool
  • Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
  • Potty Helper Toilet Step-Up Stool
  • Hot Water Mobile Station
  • Service Island with Solid Epoxy Top
  • Stationary Clean Up Sink with Polyolefin Top
  • Step-Up-N-Wash
  • Sanitation Station
  • HAANDER Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Mounts
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  • Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stand
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  • Hygiene Station
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  • Step Stool
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  • Trifacial Science Workstation
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Clean up Sinks and Portable Classroom Sinks

Whether a classroom or a professional lab, having a hand-washing sink in the space is essential. Every sink is versatile in a lab. Scientists and students can use it to wash their hands before and after experiments. Or they can use the clean-up sink units to clean equipment, from beakers to graduated cylinders.

Choose Permanent or Temporary Options

When planning the type of sink you need, think about your plans for the space. If you know that it will be a lab for the foreseeable future and won’t need to be rearranged, consider a permanent sink. If you know that the room’s usage may change in the future, or you may need the unit somewhere else, consider a temporary sink.

These temporary sinks can be as durable and useful, including storage, as permanent ones. The difference is that they sit on wheels, making them highly portable. This lets you easily move the classroom sink between rooms as needed.

There are also more basic versions of temporary classroom sinks. These feature the sink itself, possibly with a cabinet underneath. There is no countertop.

Made With Sturdy Materials

Whether you choose a hand-washing sink from Diversified Woodcrafts, Caprock, or another brand, you will find a unit made with sturdy materials. They are all designed to last. On top of that, the ones with counter surfaces can withstand regular use in a science lab.

Options for Just Hand Washing as Well

If you don’t necessarily need clean-up sink units for washing lab supplies, you may want something focused solely on hand washing. One alternative to a traditional sink is a hand sanitizer dispenser. You can even place these in other areas of the building or put one by the entrance to the lab to encourage good practices.

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