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  • Rover Mobile Makerspace Tables with Stools
    As low as $5,242.95
  • Glue & Stain Bench
    As low as $1,920.95
  • Wooden Two Station Student Workbench Tables
    As low as $1,454.95
  • Two-Station Wood Workbench
    As low as $1,558.95
  • Makerspace Tables
    As low as $1,384.95
  • Stewart Round Workstations
    As low as $1,841.95
  • All-Welded Adjustable Tables
    As low as $420.95
  • Hard Maple Top Workbench with Locker Storage
    As low as $1,391.95
  • Mobile Shop Desk with Pigeonhole Bin Unit
  • Modular Makerspace Table
  • Industrial Workbench
  • Voyager Adjustable Makerspace Tables
    As low as $1,022.95
  • The Quad Pod Customizable Table
  • Hideaway Storage Tables
    As low as $1,483.95
  • Rover Mobile Makerspace Powered Tables with Storage
    As low as $5,446.95
  • Rover Mobile Makerspace Table w/ 4 Stools 
  • Rover Makerspace Tables w/o Stools
    As low as $4,456.95
  • Chameleon Maker Tables
    As low as $3,209.95
  • Explorer 2 Module Maker Table
  • Hybrid Steel Table w/ ShopTop
    As low as $539.95
  • IDEA Island- Table Only
    As low as $2,765.95
  • Explorer Cargo Carts
    As low as $1,673.95
  • Brainstorm Workbench Table w/ Laminate Tops
    As low as $1,000.95
  • Brainstorm Laminate Workbench Table & Stool Package Sets
    As low as $1,607.95
  • The Ed Double Storage Table w/ 6 Stools
    As low as $5,812.95
  • The Ed 8 Table w/ 8 Stools
    As low as $6,171.95
  • The Ed Original Table w/ 6 Stools
    As low as $5,283.95
  • Hi-Lo Electric Adjustable Height Tables
    As low as $1,319.95
  • Wall Bench with Lockers
    As low as $2,400.95
  • Forward Vision 3 Workstations
    As low as $2,400.95
  • Forward Vision 1 Workstations
    As low as $4,003.95
  • Wooden Four Station Student Workbench Tables
    As low as $2,303.95
  • Intermix Storage Cabinet Mobile Workstations
    As low as $1,460.95
  • Intermix Open Tote Mobile Workstations
    As low as $1,467.95
  • Intermix Lazy Susan Mobile Workstations
    As low as $1,128.95
  • Miter Box Bench
  • Adjustable Butcher Block Top Planner Studio Table (60'' W x 30'' D x 29''-40'' H)
  • Explorer Double Storage Module with 5-Bin Center Storage Maker Tables
    As low as $4,012.95
  • Four-Station Steel Workbenches with Locker Base
    As low as $3,302.95
  • Open Style Auxiliary Workbenches
    As low as $1,812.95
  • Two-Station Steel Workbenches w/ Locker Base
    As low as $1,699.95
  • Perimeter Lab Workstations
    As low as $3,867.95
  • Compass Makerspace Tables
    As low as $643.95
  • Fab Lab Workbenches
    As low as $925.95
  • Tomah Fixed Shelves, 1 Divider & 4 Doors Laminate Top Workstations
    As low as $2,399.95
  • Butcher Block Top Planner Studio Tables
    As low as $1,490.95
  • Susie Workstations
    As low as $1,223.95
  • Kennedy Series Solid Maple Butcher Block Workbenches
    As low as $523.95

Benefits of Industrial Work Tables

Worthington Direct understands the importance of incorporating the right furniture into your environment to establish a productive and secure workspace. An excellent starting point towards achieving this goal is to ensure that your organization has the appropriate workstations tailored to the job requirements. Specialized classroom and office tables, spanning from industrial work tables and office workbenches to makerspace tables and shop tables, provide a wide array of benefits that cater to specific industries. 

Teachers and educators have found makerspace tables to be a fantastic alternative to traditional school desks. In shop and industrial design classrooms or makerspace clubs, these workbenches have become a staple due to their versatility and practicality.

For professionals in industrial design and interior design, office workbenches are especially loved for their spacious work surfaces. They provide ample room for creative minds to work on projects comfortably.

Worthington Direct offers a diverse selection of these industry specific tables to better serve students and professionals in various academic and professional pursuits. Let's explore some of the key benefits:

  • Improved Productivity and Efficiency: Industrial workstations and office workbenches are designed with ample workspace, allowing users to organize their tools and materials efficiently. They often come with built-in storage options to keep tools and supplies within easy reach. This streamlined project workflow leads to increased productivity and seamless project execution.
  • Enhanced Safety and Ergonomics: Many of these tables come with adjustable heights, accommodating various tasks and promoting both sitting and standing work. This not only improves posture but also reduces fatigue, making them a great choice for long hours of work.
  • Durability and Longevity: Built with sturdy materials like metal and wood, industrial work tables can withstand the challenges posed by vocational art students, industrial design projects, and heavy-duty activities. This durability ensures that these tables remain cost-effective over the long term.

Whether you are an educator looking to create an engaging learning environment or a professional seeking a reliable and spacious work surface, Worthington Direct has you covered!

Types of Industrial Work Tables

With a range of tables tailored to accommodate specific functions, understanding various types of industrial workbenches is essential for optimizing productivity and creating efficient work environments in school, work, and industrial settings.

Adjustable Height Work Tables

An adjustable height workbench is a versatile piece of furniture that enables users to personalize its height according to their preference. This adaptability makes it suitable for both seated and standing tasks, promoting comfort and enhancing productivity. Tennsco offers a line of workbenches featuring adjustable legs, providing users with the flexibility to customize the table's height. This creates an ergonomic and efficient workspace tailored precisely to their needs and working style.

Stainless Steel Work Tables

Ideal for environments that require high sanitation levels, stainless steel work tables are easy to clean and maintain. They are commonly used in laboratories, healthcare settings, and food preparation areas.

Mobile Work Tables

For spaces that require adaptability, mobile work tables are the perfect solution. Haskell Education's line of mobile shop tables come if differernt configurations that can be easily moved when needed or locked in place for stability during work sessions. Ideal for makerspaces and classrooms, these tables serve as mobile STEM centers, facilitating collaborative and dynamic learning environments.

Applications of Industrial Work Tables

Familiarizing yourself with how these tables address unique requirements will empower you to make a well-informed choice about the most suitable option for your needs. Worthington Direct is dedicated to assisting you in selecting the optimal choice for your space and work demands.

Manufacturing and Assembly

  • Streamlining Production Processes: Shop work tables, like BenchPro's Kennedy Series, provide a sturdy foundation for assembling products in manufacturing settings, ensuring precision and reducing errors. By promoting organized workstations, these versatile tables facilitate seamless material handling and smooth workflow, ultimately boosting productivity.
  • Ensuring Workplace Safety: Industrial workbenches are designed with ergonomics in mind, aiming to minimize worker fatigue and improve overall safety. By providing a stable and reliable surface, they reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, fostering a secure atmosphere for employees. 

Laboratory and Healthcare Settings

  • Meeting Sterility Requirements: Science lab workbenches and healthcare facility workstations are designed to adhere to strict sterility standards. They are often constructed from materials that are easy to clean and disinfect, reducing the risk of contamination and cross-contamination during experiments and medical procedures. 
  • Enhancing Workflow Efficiency: Many work benches are strategically designed with various compartments and storage options, allowing for the organization of tools, equipment, and supplies. This arrangement streamlines the workflow, enabling researchers and healthcare professionals to access necessary items quickly and without disruption. Additionally, work benches are customizable to fit specific requirements, such as accommodating specialized equipment or integrating power sources and data connections. 

Food Service and Hospitality

  • Compliance with Hygiene Standards: Culinary arts tables provide a dedicated and clean surface for food preparation, reducing the risk of cross-contamination between ingredients and minimizing the spread of foodborne illnesses. Their stainless steel construction makes them easy to clean and sanitize, ensuring compliance with stringent hygiene regulations. 
  • Optimizing Food Preparation Areas: Food service and hospitality workstations offer ample workspace for chefs and kitchen staff to work efficiently, chop ingredients, assemble dishes, and organize tools and utensils conveniently. With various sizes and configurations available, these tables can be easily tailored to fit the unique layout and space constraints of different kitchens. Some stainless steel tables are equipped with wheels or casters, ensuring easy movement and adaptability to changing kitchen requirements, while others come with shelves or undershelves, providing additional storage space for frequently used items and streamlining food preparation, ultimately reducing clutter.

Choosing the Right Industrial Work Table

Worthington Direct understands choosing the appropriate industrial work table is crucial for optimizing productivity and efficiency across various professional sectors. To make the right choice, several factors must be taken into account, with particular emphasis on the specific needs of the industry and the intended purpose of the table.

For instance, the food service and hospitality industry benefits from stainless steel work tables, like those offered by Diversified Spaces, that adhere to hygiene standards for food safety and easy cleaning. In manufacturing and assembly, adjustable height features and an ample work surface are important considerations. Healthcare and laboratories require chemical-resistant surfaces, ergonomic designs, and suitable storage options.

Evaluating workspace requirements, customization options, and factors like ergonomics, durability, and mobility ensures the ideal work table is chosen. By aligning these factors with industry demands, the selected industrial work table will boost productivity, enhance safety, and increase overall efficiency in the professional workspace.

Maintenance and Care of Industrial Work Tables

Regular maintenance, preventive measures, and suitable cleaning agents will ensure the longevity and efficiency of industrial work tables and office workbenches. To care for and maintain workbenches, follow these guidelines based on their materials:

  • Metal Tables: Regularly clean with mild soap and water to remove dirt and grease. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or tools that may scratch the surface.
  • Wooden Tables: Dust frequently to prevent debris buildup. Wipe spills immediately and use a damp cloth for cleaning. Apply wood polish or wax to maintain the finish and protect against moisture.
  • Stainless Steel Tables: Clean with mild detergent and water. Avoid using chlorine-based cleaners. Periodically apply stainless steel cleaner to maintain shine and prevent staining.
  • Plastic or Composite Tables: Clean with mild soap and water. Avoid harsh chemicals that may damage the surface. Periodically check for cracks or damage, and replace if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average lifespan of an industrial work table?

With proper maintenance, industrial workstations can last for many years, making them a long-term investment for any workspace.

Are there adjustable height office workbenches suitable for standing work?

Yes, adjustable height workbenches are designed to cater to standing work needs, promoting ergonomic comfort and flexibility.

How often should industrial work tables be inspected for safety?

Regular safety inspections are recommended, with frequency depending on the table's usage intensity and local safety regulations.

What materials are commonly used for the surfaces of industrial work tables?

Stainless steel and high-quality wood are popular materials for industrial work table surfaces due to their durability, ease of cleaning, and resistance to wear.

At Worthington Direct, we understand the evolving needs of modern work and learning environments. Our diverse range of industrial work tables caters to educators, shop teachers, industrial design professionals, the culinary arts, and makerspace clubs, ensuring efficient, safe, and productive workspaces for all projects.

Furnish your organization with top-notch furniture from Worthington Direct, your trusted source for school and industry workstations, maker tables, and shop tables.

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